Jennifer Aniston: Kudrow Hated Audience Laughter on "Friends"

Jennifer Aniston shares memories and emotions from *Friends* era.

by Nouman Rasool
Jennifer Aniston: Kudrow Hated Audience Laughter on "Friends"
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Jennifer Aniston is looking back at the good times spent with the iconic sitcom *Friends*, sharing some challenges it threw upon the cast while running for a decade. Speaking in a high-concept conversation with *Abbott Elementary* star Quinta Brunson for Variety's *Actors on Actors* series, the 55-year-old Aniston has reminisced over how the years have flown by since *Friends* first hit screens back in 1994.

She remembered the mettle in that premiere, saying it felt like just yesterday. "We were having lunch with Matthew Perry, and we knew Lisa [Kudrow] was getting her hair colored," Aniston recalls. "We ran into the salon, and I snuck up while she was in the sink, grabbed the nozzle, and started washing her hair." The playful moment quickly spiraled out of control, but the thrill of that day remains a cherished memory for Aniston.

Aniston's Emotional Reminiscing

As Aniston tearfully reminisced about her Friends days, she nearly choked up, tearing up as she talked about the evergreen impact of her show. "I'm okay," she assured, wiping away happy tears.

What Aniston remembered to be particularly hilarious was the experience of having a live audience. She loved it, although she confessed that Lisa Kudrow was decidedly not into it. "Lisa hated when the audience laughed," Jennifer Aniston admitted.

She recalled how Kudrow would say, "I'm not done! It's not that funny!'" Brunson, meanwhile, was elated by the news, calling the show's script "so funny" in its use of dramatic timing. But she's not a fan of shooting with multi-cameras, a technique vital to live audience shows.

"Those are the best multi-cams — when it feels like you're watching a play, and laughter doesn't disrupt the flow," said Brunson. She did not rule out trying it one day. Aniston pitched a partnership. "We should try and bring back a multi-cam together." Aniston stressed that the cast of Friends remains very close and that they were family forever.

"To this day, it touches me how much love there is for the show," she says, listing all too frequently chatting with Courteney Cox on FaceTime and communicating with Lisa Kudrow and everyone else, part of a group text she hopes never goes away.

Aniston's reflections are more poignant, revealing the phenomenon of Friends: enjoying the enduring classic and the bond it created between its leads.

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