Jennifer Lopez Ditches Ring Amid Divorce Rumors

Lopez sparks speculation with notable absence of wedding ring.

by Nouman Rasool
Jennifer Lopez Ditches Ring Amid Divorce Rumors
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Jennifer Lopez showed she means business as she made her way to her office without her wedding ring, amid swirling rumors that she and Ben Affleck are headed for a $550-million divorce $550-million divorce, can exclusively reveal.

The Atlas actress, 54, was spotted on Wednesday in Los Angeles, wearing an oversized plaid blazer, baggy jeans, and heels. While she accessorized her causal business look with the staple hoop earrings and a Hermes Kelly handbag, one accessory was noticeably missing: her diamond wedding ring.

Pictures obtained by showed Lopez clutching her computer, her left hand blocking her face, with her bare ring finger wide out in the open. Her right hand, too, had no jewelry on it — a fact that will only add to the divorce rumors for her high-profile marriage.

The strange move now comes from the intense public gaze on her relationship with Affleck. Lopez's arrival without her engagement ring comes at the heels of an announcement that she had to cancel a series of shows for the summer.

In a statement issued by Live Nation reps, the singer opted to take some time off to be with her children, family, and best friends.

Affleck Ready to Split

Insiders say Affleck is ready to pull the plug; those close to the star indicate that the Deep Water actor feels like he has found clarity and that their marriage is over.

"If there were a way to divorce on grounds of temporary insanity, he would," an insider told Page Six. "He feels like the last two years were just a nightmare, and he is finally realising he can't be married to Kristen for one more second.

The move is said to have been triggered by Lopez's desperation to salvage the marriage, but some sources say the couple is working on giving themselves a little time to see if they are doing the right thing. Affleck has, in the meantime already moved out of their $60 million Beverly Hills mansion and is living in a separate house in the neighboring Brentwood area.

The couple bought what was to be their forever home when they were first married last year. Yet photographs of the mansion's interior have appeared on real estate websites, indicating that they may soon be on the market, reported.

Sources close to the pair predict a nasty split, given that their combined net worth might be $550 million. "The split is getting nasty," sources informed In Touch, "and with such a significant fortune at stake, the divorce will only get nastier."

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