Stephen Colbert Flags Alarming Campaign Omen for Trump

Primary results expose rifts within major political parties

by Zain ul Abedin
Stephen Colbert Flags Alarming Campaign Omen for Trump
© Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Stephen Colbert has pointed out some telling figures concerning Donald Trump’s position in the latest primary votes. Despite being the uncontested front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination, Trump is not without his detractors within the party.

This was notably evident in New Mexico, where, remarkably, 15% of GOP voters cast their ballots against him. The composition of this anti-Trump contingent is quite revealing. Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley received 8.6% of the vote, while former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie captured 2.6%.

In a quirky twist typical of the state, 4% of votes went to a lesser-known candidate humorously described by Colbert as the “energy crystal guy wearing too much turquoise”. This situation underscores a persistent undercurrent of opposition to Trump within the GOP, even without significant competition.

Biden Faces Similar Rejection

The scenario was not much better for President Joe Biden, who saw a similar percentage of Democratic voters in New Mexico choosing other candidates over him. This parallel loss of votes in primary elections indicates a broader dissatisfaction among some voters with the current political leaders.

Colbert, known for his incisive wit, didn’t miss the opportunity to comment on another alarming observation from the South Dakota primaries. He questioned the high stakes of the race there, humorously adding, “The loser goes with Kristi Noem to the gravel pit”.

This referenced a controversial statement by South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem about shooting a puppy she disliked - an anecdote that Colbert leveraged to underline the sometimes bizarre and harsh realities of political campaigns.

These insights from Colbert serve as political commentary and a reflection on the underlying tensions and the unpredictable nature of voter behavior. As the primary season continues, these figures will be crucial in assessing the mood and preferences of the Republican base, potentially signaling challenges ahead for Trump as he seeks to consolidate his support within the party.