Howie Mandel Faces Boos, AGT Fans Demand His Exit

AGT judge Howie Mandel's latest critique stirs significant uproar

by Zain ul Abedin
Howie Mandel Faces Boos, AGT Fans Demand His Exit
© Kevin Winter/Getty Images

In the latest "America's Got Talent" season, controversy swirls around judge Howie Mandel as he faces increasing backlash from live audiences and social media users. Season 19 of the show, known for its dramatic and unexpected twists, introduced a rule change by Simon Cowell that sparked new dynamics among the judges and contestants.

Yet, Mandel's unique critiques have stolen the spotlight, leading to calls for his departure from the panel. During a recent episode focused on auditions, the tension peaked when Mandel was the sole judge to reject the band Ashes and Arrows after their performance of "Born to Love." The band, which received standing ovations from the audience for their original song, failed to impress Mandel, who likened their arena-worthy performance to a pub band.

His critique, markedly out of sync with the enthusiastic audience and fellow judges, ended in a chorus of boos.

Mandel's Critique Controversy

Mandel's controversial comment, "This was a great song in a pub. If I was in a bar and you guys are playing, I would have the best night ever," not only sparked immediate disapproval in the auditorium but also ignited a flurry of negative reactions online.

Fans took to X (formerly Twitter) to express their dismay, with one user commenting, "Ashes & Arrows is good enough to be on the radio and Howie can go suck lemons!" Another pointed out the disparity in Mandel's judgment, noting, "I'm not sure how @howiemandel thinks Ashes & Arrows sound like a pub band.

They sound much more like a workshop band to me. That was really good!" Criticism extended beyond Mandel's assessment of Ashes and Arrows, as several viewers questioned his overall suitability as a judge for the show. Comments ranged from "Howie is Heartless when it comes to music!!

I think he shouldn't be a judge on AGT!" to more direct pleas like "What is your problem this year? You need a new life, leave AGT!!" The consensus among disgruntled fans and viewers suggests a growing dissatisfaction with Mandel's role on the show, culminating in a wave of demands for his exit.