Larry David Skips Kimmel Chat Using Richard Lewis' Death

Larry David faces real-life comedic situations off-screen

by Zain ul Abedin
Larry David Skips Kimmel Chat Using Richard Lewis' Death
© Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Larry David, the iconic comedic mind behind "Curb Your Enthusiasm," found himself in a typically awkward situation during a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel, blending reality with the uncomfortable humour that made his show a hit.

The interview, which aired shortly after the 2024 Oscars, revealed a candid moment between the two celebrities that blurred the lines between personal tragedy and comedic relief. Jimmy Kimmel, hosting his first show post-Oscars, a time known for its heightened viewership, had invited David to appear as a guest.

The expectation was set for a night of engaging conversation, leveraging the large audience tuned in post-Oscar buzz. However, plans derailed with the passing of Richard Lewis, a beloved comedian and a recurrent guest star on David’s show, who died in late February.

David's Unexpected Party Appearance

The sequence of events unfolded with Kimmel recalling the anticipation of having David on the show, only to receive a last-minute cancellation. David’s agent informed the Kimmel team that due to the profound impact of Lewis’ death, David was too distressed to attend.

Kimmel, expressing understanding, encountered an unexpected twist when he bumped into a broadly smiling Larry David at an Oscars after-party. The situation reached its comedic peak when Kimmel confronted David about his presence at the party despite the cancellation.

David, known for his candid demeanor, responded with a blend of humor and bluntness typical of his on-screen persona. “Okay, so, you want an explanation? I used the death of my best friend to get out of doing a show I didn’t want to do in the first place,” David admitted, sparking laughter with his unsettling honesty.

Kimmel’s reaction to David’s confession mirrored the kind of grace and humor that "Curb Your Enthusiasm" fans would recognize as atypical of the show's characters. He laughed off the incident, acknowledging the quirky integrity that David consistently brings to his public and private life.

“I would expect nothing less,” Kimmel remarked, appreciating the ironic and candid nature of Larry David's excuse.