Kevin Bacon's Boiling Mishap: Egg Blast Burns Lip

Kevin Bacon's hotel snack leads to unexpected ordeal.

by Nouman Rasool
Kevin Bacon's Boiling Mishap: Egg Blast Burns Lip
© Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

In a recent appearance on "Late Night with Seth Meyers," celebrated actor Kevin Bacon shared an unusual yet startling incident that underscores the perils of hotel living, especially when you're part of a touring band like the Bacon Brothers.

Formed in 1995 with his brother Michael, the band became Bacon's sanctuary during the SAG-AFTRA strike, leading to some memorable experiences on the road, albeit some more painful than others. While promoting his upcoming role in the film, "Beverly Hill Cop: Axel F," Bacon recounted a day that started innocuously enough as he transitioned between budget hotels.

These establishments often boast modest amenities, including complimentary breakfasts with waffles, eggs, and the odd cereal option. It was here that Bacon's tale takes a painful turn. Grabbing a couple of boiled eggs to go—one for immediate consumption and another for later—he faced an unexpected culinary catastrophe.

Egg Explosion Disaster

Upon arriving at another less-than-luxurious accommodation and feeling peckish, Bacon decided to microwave the peeled eggs. Unfortunately, this decision led to a dramatic episode: one egg exploded inside the microwave, leaving a mess.

Undeterred and hungry, Bacon bravely bit into the second egg, only to experience an immediate and painful explosion in his mouth. "It's a grenade going off in my mouth," the 65-year-old actor described the shocking moment. Reacting swiftly, Bacon applied a cold towel to his face, only to discover that the skin from his lips had adhered to the towel upon removal.

A quick consultation with a doctor resulted in a prescription, but Bacon faced a month of recovery with noticeably bright red lips. Bacon humorously reflected on how the incident might be framed in the media, suggesting headlines like "Kevin Not Smart" or the more fitting "Bacon Burned by Egg," showcasing his ability to find humour in even painful situations.

Besides his ongoing musical endeavours and his current film promotions, Bacon is set to appear in the A24 horror-thriller, "Maxxxine," scheduled for a July 5 release. It is a bizarre true story that indicates unexpected hazards caused by simple acts, like boiling an egg in a microwave.

It is a record of Bacon's durability and resilience to use a sense of humour even in his stories—to ensure that his fans do not only feel for him but also have a chuckle at the mishaps of travel life.