Matthew Vaughn Stunned by 'Argylle' Backlash: 'What Did I Do Wrong?'

Vaughn confronts unexpected hurdles with 'Argylle's' release

by Zain ul Abedin
Matthew Vaughn Stunned by 'Argylle' Backlash: 'What Did I Do Wrong?'
© Kate Green/Getty Images

Matthew Vaughn, the renowned filmmaker behind the anticipated action-thriller 'Argylle,' grapples with the film's unexpectedly harsh reception. Featuring stars like Henry Cavill and Bryce Dallas Howard, 'Argylle' aimed to capture audiences with its spirited storytelling, reminiscent of Vaughn’s earlier work in 'Snatch.'

Despite the film’s engaging premiere and positive test screenings, the critical and box office response left much to be desired. In a candid interview with Empire magazine, Vaughn expressed his bewilderment over the severe criticism the film faced upon release.

“I thought we had created a fun, feel-good movie," Vaughn remarked. "We knew it wasn't 'Citizen Kane,' but the vitriolic reviews were baffling. It wasn’t just about not liking the film; the tone was almost personal, which was unexpected and tough to process”.

Vaughn Revisits Theaters

As the film's initial box office earnings report - a modest $96 million against a budget of $200 million - Vaughn found himself revisiting theaters, questioning his judgment. “I wandered into cinemas, wondering if I’ve lost touch," he shared, reflecting on the moment the reality of the film's reception hit him.

Despite the setback, the film shows signs of redemption as it performs well on streaming platforms, sparking conversations and a reassessment among viewers. The filmmaker remains optimistic about the film’s future, buoyed by its growing appreciation online.

"Streaming is giving 'Argylle' a second life. I receive messages about how harsh the initial reviews were. Honestly, nothing would make me happier than to dive back into this world for a sequel," Vaughn said, hinting at the potential for expanding the 'Argylle' universe with a prequel featuring a younger cast.

Vaughn's resilience shines through as he contemplates the next steps. "It’s about learning and moving forward. The feedback loop from streaming has been encouraging, and we’re already brainstorming the next chapter.

We’re thinking of a prequel that could stand as a compelling story. So, never say never,” he concluded, hopeful about turning the tide of public perception.