Sean Kingston's Bond Set at $100,000 by Judge

Sean Kingston entangled in legal woes amid fraud charges.

by Nouman Rasool
Sean Kingston's Bond Set at $100,000 by Judge
© Mike Windle/Getty Images

In a significant development, the famous Jamaican-American singer known for his chartbusters "Beautiful Girls" and "Fire Burning," Sean Kingston, is now in deep trouble with the law in Florida. A judge in the Sunshine State has set a substantial bond of $100,000 after Kingston was extradited from California, where he was initially detained.

At 34, Kingston, born Kisean Anderson, was arrested last month and then, as he agreed to waive his extradition rights, turned himself in the west to Florida's Broward County jail last Sunday. The case against him is profound; he is accused of being responsible for fraud and stealing over $1 million.

Kingston's legal team has maintained that he will not plead guilty to the allegations. The court has charged him with ten felonies that range from grand theft, fraud and criminal use of personal identification. The matter became worse when the police arrested Kingston's 61-year-old mother, Janice Turner, on the same day that they arrested him during a police raid at their Fort Lauderdale residence.

The two are being charged with stealing a wide range of things, including money, jewellery, a Cadillac Escalade, and furniture, all worth more than $1 million combined.

Probation Violation Complications

Further complicating his legal problems, Kingston was on probation for trafficking stolen property at the time he got arrested, now facing additional charges for probation violation.

Bob Rosenblatt's attorney argued that Kingston was under coercion when he signed the waiver for extradition, indicating a contentious legal battle ahead. Rosenblatt has been vocal about the defence's stance, challenging the legitimacy of the claims against Kingston.

"I don't know who is claiming they owe money," Rosenblatt commented, dismissing the allegations as potential breaches of contract rather than criminal fraud. He also mentioned a separate legal issue involving a company accusing Kingston of failing to fully pay for a high-end TV and sound system, alleging that Kingston made false promises, including producing promotional videos featuring Justin Bieber to secure a minimal down payment.

As the case unfolds, Kingston has turned to social media to reassure his fans, stating on Instagram, "I am good, and so is my mother. My lawyers are handling everything as we speak." This legal saga adds a complex layer to Kingston's public image, intertwining his celebrity status with severe legal allegations.

As the court proceedings progress, the public and his fans await further developments in a case that could significantly impact Kingston's career and personal life.