Aisling Bea's Star-Studded Pregnancy Reveal

Comedian Aisling Bea announces pregnancy with celebrity support.

by Nouman Rasool
Aisling Bea's Star-Studded Pregnancy Reveal
© Kate Green/Getty Images

The Irish comic Aisling Bea has been making headlines this week as she enlisted many big-ticket American stars to help reveal news of her first pregnancy in spectacular style. The "This Way Up" and "Living With Yourself" star announced the thrilling news on Instagram.

The announcement that was much more special to me was with the help of US singer Sheryl Crow, comedian Seth Herzog, actor Paul Rudd, and NFL star Travis Kelce. The 40-year-old comedienne is alleged to have been dating London-based composer, musician, and producer Jack Freeman for nearly two years.

She took to her Instagram account to share the photos. Then, in some of the pictures, the award-winning Bea showed off her playfulness by showing a baby bump with a face drawn on it while posing near Rudd, Herzog, and Kelce.

This was a great, creative way of announcing and got quick limelights from her fans and followers.

Aisling Bea's Announcement

Bea took to Instagram on Saturday to thank the singer Crow, whom she called an "angel," for letting her debut her bump in what was "the most dignified and classy way possible." Bea and Herzog took to the stage during the Big Slick Celebrity Weekend charity event—not as backup dancers to Crow, but just comedically contributing to the show's charm.

Bea shared, "Sheryl said Seth and I could be her very professional backup dancers with our ridiculous idea; how on brand! She does just wanna have some fun, yawl.". The comedian also went so far as to cheekily warn about using Sharpie markers on one's skin: "Just to note, if you use a Sharpie pen on your skin, it will be there for about two days.

Just in case you are weighing what a commitment to an idea is worth. Gentle dermatitis is the answer." Bea had earlier raised speculation in 2021 with her social media post. She posted a photo of her bloated stomach and humorously captioned the photo, "not a joke about bread." She said, "Alas, from some texts I've been getting – may I highlight that I am NOT pregnant.

I am very bloated." This time, however, it significantly was true, and Bea confirmed, "Yes, I am pregnant," bringing joy and excitement to her fans. Bea, in her usual funny, creative way, definitely knew how to make this pregnancy announcement memorable.