James Corden Defended by Fellow Passengers

James Corden advocates for fairness during flight cancellation ordeal.

by Nouman Rasool
James Corden Defended by Fellow Passengers
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In the latest episode of Manna from Heaven, TV personality James Corden was again hit by the limelight, this time in an incident with airline staff recorded on video. The 45-year-old is best known for presenting The Late Late Show.

He has also been on the receiving end of similar previous accusations, having been called "the most abusive customer" by a restaurant owner and "difficult and obnoxious" by a director, and "d–khead" by a famous singer.

With that record as the first account, many might imagine Corden as the assailant. Now, read more profound into what happened, and the plot thickens — Corden was standing up for fellow passengers. This was during a British Airways flight from Faro, Portugal, to London, England.

It was 45 minutes into the air when the plane had to come back during its journey to Portugal over a mechanical problem with the wing flaps, which did not retract properly. This makes it unsafe for landing. Speaking to Metro, a passenger on the flight called Vanessa said: "The aircraft had been grounded on the tarmac in Portugal for three hours before being declared unfit for travel, and we all had to rebook for the following day.".

Corden Defends Passengers

Marooned in the terminal for hours with no end in sight, Corden tried to raise passengers' spirits. Instead of just holding tight for a possible flight, he went from one passenger to the other, speaking with them and taking selfies.

"He interacts with everybody, keeps it colorful, and doesn't keep to himself, which he easily could have done," Vanessa noted. "His mood is nice and approachable." The ridicule of the airline's officials came after the flight's cancellation, with hundreds of passengers stranded in lines trying to reap their different flights.

Vanessa reported that the airline accommodated complimentary hotel rooms only to premium-status passengers such as Gold elite-status and many other flyers, leaving most passengers fending for themselves. Corden, being a premium flyer was also not happy with the decision that the airline had made.

He thought that all the passengers should be treated equally despite their statuses, along with their families, who were left stranded with kids in the cold weather. "James asked why they were not giving as much thought to the housing for families with children, and he thought this was unfair.

James wanted to insist on better treatment for everyone." — Vanessa. He turned up the next day for the rescheduled flight, waiting in line with all the passengers. This incident, which in the first place appeared to tarnish Corden's image further, showed how willing he was to stand up for other people in a difficult spot.

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