Cheryl Burke: 'DWTS' Should Favor Single Contestants to Avoid Marital Strain

Cheryl Burke shares insights on 'DWTS' contestant dynamics.

by Nouman Rasool
Cheryl Burke: 'DWTS' Should Favor Single Contestants to Avoid Marital Strain
© Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Dancing With The Stars Professional Dancer Cheryl Burke has let people in on the dynamics of celebrity contestants on the show. Having competed for 26 seasons, the 40-year-old dance professional suggests that it might be wise for contestants to remain single during their time on the show as she shares her take on why married celebrities may run into problems on the dance floor.

Cheryl is no stranger to the issues of relationships forming and being created amid the show, with both being in a romantic relationship with her before celebrity partners. Dancing With the Stars also has experienced first-hand these long-term relationships forming, having six of their couples still together.

On the most recent episode of her podcast, S--, Lies, and Spray Tans, Cheryl said, "Be single if you do 'Dancing With the Stars.' That's all I'm saying." She described the situation between a celebrity and their dance pro as "an arranged marriage." But she went one further.

"You either love or hate each other for real," she said. Cheryl explained that the competition was so fierce, for example, "You're not like, 'Oh yeah, he's cute.' Like, no, no. I mean, I either like you or I don't because you're in each other's faces eight hours a day, seven days a week.

That's wild. For three months? And you're vulnerable." So much intimacy is problematic, especially for the married participants.

Cheryl Being Candid

In one candid anecdote, Cheryl explained how one of her married contestants developed a massive crush on their married dance pro counterpart.

Nothing inappropriate happened between them, but family members started to get suspicious. Cheryl commented, "You get stuck with this person…You get close in so many ways," referring to the special bond that was developed between the dance partners.

She mentioned that the amount of vulnerability involved was probably a level that married celebrities had not even reached with their spouses, therefore making the involvement with the show even more difficult. Those looking forward with glee at more of the new season, here are the rumored celeb contestants this new season for Dancing With the Stars, Season 33. Now 33, Cheryl Burke dishes with candid advice and personal experience in the dynamics of the hit ballroom competition.