Shanna Moakler Admits Defeat Competing With Travis Barker Over Kids: "You Win"

Shanna Moakler opens up about her relationship with Travis Barker.

by Nouman Rasool
Shanna Moakler Admits Defeat Competing With Travis Barker Over Kids: "You Win"
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Shanna Moakler has again revealed the ongoing tension between her and her ex-husband, Travis Barker. Speaking in an interview with Jeff Lewis Live, Moakler said that even the communication line between the two is very minimal; he just wished her a happy Mother's Day.

She also revealed that she has stopped competing with Travis Barker over their baby children, Alabama and Landon. "My ex is a compelling, famous person. It's hard to compete on that level," Moakler said. "I gave up—I was never really trying to compete.

I gave that up a long time ago. I was like, 'You win. Like, you're the winner.' " Moakler's comments on the Jeff Lewis Live show come after she shared similar sentiments earlier this year on the podcast Dumb Blonde with Bunnie XO.

During that appearance, she addressed Barker's efforts to be seen as the "super dad." "Travis—even when we weren't together—always wanted to be the 'super dad.' 'I'm the best parent. I'm the this and that,' and I'm like, 'bro, you win.'

Like, you're the winner here. You have all the money, and you have all this. You're the winner," Moakler shared.
A source close to Barker and his wife, Kourtney Kardashian, had told People after Moakler's remarks on the Dumb Blonde podcast that the couple did not pay attention to Moakler's actions or statements.

"Travis and Kourtney ignore what Shanna's doing. They're so happy in life right now," the friend said.

Barker's Frustration Mounts

Another source disclosed to the Daily Mail that Barker is infuriated by Moakler's comments but determined to do what is suitable for their children.

"Travis wants to move on from all the endless chatter and anything she says negatively about him or Kourtney. Travis has formed an emotional callus after all these years. He only wants to do what is right for their kids, but every time she talks about him, he just gets frustrated that she bashes him.

He is acting the way he does with his kids because that is their relationship; it is not to one-up Shanna," the source revealed. The source continued, stating, "Kourtney only respects her because she is the mother of his children, but a friendship is out of the question.

They both try to go through their day not thinking about her, but when she opens her mouth to give them shit, it is a temporary annoyance that they have just to let roll off of them. They refuse to let her words consume them no matter how outlandish." It seems that with constant tension and public jabs, Barker and Kardashian are concentrating on being happy with their newly blended family and are letting Moakler's comments run off their backs.

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