Cher Backs AE After Travis Scott Brawl

Cannes afterparty turns chaotic in unexpected celebrity clash.

by Nouman Rasool
Cher Backs AE After Travis Scott Brawl
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The music executive found himself in problems with the famous rapper Travis Scott, who reportedly caused a scene with Edwards at the Cannes Film Festival during an afterparty. Cher, AE's famous girlfriend, tweeted that she was proud of him for handling the scuffle.

Trouble started on Friday, May 24, when Scott, 33, and hip-hop heavyweight, Southside, 31, began to confront Edwards, 38. The incident is said to have started after the nightclub tycoon did a shoutout to rapper Tyga that irked Scott.

Eyewitnesses say Scott grabbed the microphone from Akiva's hand, trying to stop the shoutout. This braveness went on to force Edwards in, defending Tyga. "AE was just runner runner, mouth runner back and forth with Travis. A big group of all their friends were on stage too.

Travis walked off the stage and then back with Southside, who started yelling at AE," an eyewitness shared with Us Weekly. Without any delay, the incident got heated as Scott tried to push Edwards off the stage. In response, AE caught hold of Scott in the ongoing chaos and threw him off the stage.

There were no injuries, despite the rough-and-tumble nature of the fight, though, the newspaper reveals. The hired security were reportedly quick to intervene and tear the brawlers apart. Scott and Southside were allowed to leave, and Edwards stayed behind so that nothing else would transpire, and Tyga was also sent on his way.

Following the incident, Edwards spoke to TMZ, keeping a level head about the situation. "It's all good," he said. "I don't want to fight. I don't want to start that s—t. I'm going to protect myself and my people." His comments harbor the idea that he is not trying to start pointless fights but would hold his ground when necessary.

Cher's Public Support

The 78-year-old took to social media to back her boyfriend, proving she was always loyal to him. "I'm Proud of Alexander," she penned on X on Saturday 1 June. "He Didn't Start The Fight Against 2 Men,.

He finished it, Gotta Love Him." Her public endorsement highlighted her admiration for Edwards and added a layer of intrigue to their high-profile relationship. Their romance first caught attention when they were seen in September 2023 during Paris Fashion Week.

Cuddles and public controversy alike followed their love story. They split briefly in 2023, but the couple reconciled and is more mature than ever. Sources close to the couple revealed the nature of their relationship by providing that "All their friends think they are adorable together, and they have amazing chemistry." This was also shared by Edwards himself when he explained they were "like a happy family." Injecting a little flair for the dramatic, Edwards used the Future song GTA to characterize his relationship with Cher: "Whatever I'm with, my b—h with it too." He later corrected his tweet to "my lady," appreciating and paying love to the iconic singer.

As the dust settles on the Cannes altercation, Cher and AE still never cease to fascinate, even with the singer's proud endorsement and the lawyer's unwavering loyalty. This power couple proves that love and support can, indeed, rise above the stormiest of controversies.

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