Mario Lopez Marks 'Blessed' 50th Birthday, Excited for Future Milestones

Discover Mario Lopez's exciting ventures in fitness and film

by Zain ul Abedin
Mario Lopez Marks 'Blessed' 50th Birthday, Excited for Future Milestones
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Celebrating a milestone 50th birthday last October, Mario Lopez, the beloved co-host of "Access Hollywood" and iconic "Saved by the Bell" star, shares his reflections on this significant age. Speaking at the Los Angeles premiere of "Reefer Madness: The Musical" on May 30, Lopez expressed his gratitude for his fulfilling life.

"It's a milestone birthday, obviously, so you kind of pause and see how you got there and what's ahead," he told PEOPLE. With a successful career, a loving wife, and three wonderful children, he feels "very blessed" and optimistically toasts, "Here's to the next 50!" Last year, Lopez tapped into his nostalgic side by donning a varsity jacket reminiscent of his character A.C.

Slater for a promotional campaign with e.l.f. Cosmetics. "I'm in my prime, yes I am," he declared, celebrating the timeless appeal of his throwback look from the 90s. His youthful spirit extends beyond fashion; at 48, he embraced a new challenge by entering a jiu-jitsu competition alongside his son, Dominic, then eight years old.

Their shared endeavor at the tournament earned them gold and bronze medals respectively, showcasing their competitive spirit and bonding through the sport.

Family Ties and Films

Lopez's dedication to jiu-jitsu continues into his 50s, despite a facial injury last December during a rigorous session.

True to his resilient nature, he highlighted the "magic" of makeup on Instagram, showing his transformation from injured to camera-ready, proving his commitment to staying active and embracing life's hurdles. Adding to his eventful year, Lopez is excited about his latest acting venture, a family-produced film for the American Family Network titled "Once Upon a Christmas Wish." Filmed in Chicago, the movie is a family affair featuring not only Lopez but also his wife, Courtney, and son, Dominic.

Set to release over Thanksgiving weekend, it includes singing and dancing, elements that Lopez cherishes. "My wife's in it, my son's in it," he shared with PEOPLE, noting that working with family means "I don't miss them because I get to see them all the time."