Riley Keough Saves Mom’s Legacy Amid Family Turmoil

Riley Keough balances career, motherhood, and family legal battles.

by Nouman Rasool
Riley Keough Saves Mom’s Legacy Amid Family Turmoil
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Riley Keough has alternated between struggles to salvage her mother's heritage, Lisa Marie Presley, and dealing with many adversities that face her family and the law all at once. Since the star died a year ago, at 52, from an unknown illness, her 35-year-old daughter Riley Keough, star of " Daisy Jones & The Six," has been combing through her mother's tapes and notebooks to finish the work.

The currently untitled volume will be published on Oct. 15; a party is planned at Graceland, the Memphis estate where Ms. Presley is buried, along with her father, Elvis, and her son, Benjamin Keough. A source close to the project said: "There are hundreds of hours of Lisa's thoughts and dreams.

Riley has to frame the book in a way that is both accurate and compassionate. It's a Herculean effort, but she's determined to ensure her mother's legacy is remembered correctly ."

Preserving Lisa Marie

She has been juggling being an actress and a producer with motherly duties and dealing with some nasty family legal matters.

She recently had to engage her legal team after it was discovered that Graceland had been listed for auction in what appears to have been a foreclosure scam. According to her, the property was listed for auction over an alleged unpaid $3.8 million loan taken out on the land before Lisa Marie's death.

Keough filed a lawsuit, alleging fraud and asserting that Naussany Investments, purportedly in the role of the lender, did not exist. The foreclosure was eventually stopped and the harassment by Naussany was ended. She has also maintained a rocky relationship with her grandmother, Priscilla Presley.

Following Lisa Marie's death, Priscilla challenged the validity of her will. The matter was resolved after Keough left Priscilla a $1 million lump-sum plus $400,000 in legal costs. She will be the only trustee of the will, and it will also allow for Priscilla to be buried at Graceland.

Through it all and the family's never-ending legal battles, Keough has continued to move the ball forward on their mother's work, unafraid to get into the dirt and duke it out. She also is a regular in Hulu's new miniseries "Under the Bridge" with Oscar nominee Lily Gladstone and is out scouring for new directing projects following the success of her "War Pony." Keough, is married to stuntman Ben Smith-Petersen and has a baby daughter, named Tupelo – for his father's hometown in Mississippi, continues to balance her professional and personal life while shaping the narrative of her mother's enduring legacy.