Morgan Wade Embraces Digital Detox: 'Off Social Media for a Month' (Exclusive)

Morgan Wade shares her journey towards improved mental health.

by Nouman Rasool
Morgan Wade Embraces Digital Detox: 'Off Social Media for a Month' (Exclusive)
© Erika Goldring/Getty Images

Morgan Wade, the critically acclaimed country music star reemerging on her terms, shares exclusively with PEOPLE how she's been healing while living off the grid. Wade, 29, shared that she has found her way through the creation of peace in her world—away from the phone and off social media.

"I look at this as a digital detox because it's like, I'm not sitting there playing on my phone. I'm not scrolling; I'm not doing all that," Wade said. "I put my phone on Do Not Disturb." The "Fall in Love with Me" hitmaker has stayed off all social media platforms for a month, diving deep into books.

"I've just been reading. I've read so much this last month that I've not been picking up my phone every two seconds just mindlessly to scroll," she said. And that's what has been transformative. Just doing it on purpose, taking away the distractions.

Wade's transformation goes beyond her e-lifestyle. She subscribes to a daily regimen that starts with contemplative reading and journaling in the morning, where she identifies things to appreciate and orchestrates her day positively.

This is followed by vigorous exercise at the gym. "I'm in there for a few hours, and I'm trying to make sure I get my vitamins in and do all this stuff," she said.

Wade's Running Revival

This newly found lifestyle has enabled Wade to prioritize what he desired to do.

"I have to sit back and be like, 'Hey, are you doing the things that matter?' Because I know the things that make me feel better, it's pushing myself to do those and just trying to set the tone for my day," she reflected.

Running is something that has become a massive part of Wade's life. Recently finished is a 50k ultramarathon, and she has plans to do more. "It's just a great thing for me to focus on outside of the music and everything else," she said.

She said it runs in her blood, or rather, fuels her creativity. "I come up with all kinds of ideas," she noted. "I sometimes stop and tell myself, 'Okay, definitely put this one in your phone. Make a voice note or something so you remember this.'

" Ideally in line with her love of running, Wade's partnership with Brooks Running—an admired brand she has longed for most of her career—lived up to the hype. Wade claimed those are "the only running shoes I have ever used," and it is the only brand she has ever been excited to represent.

"I was super excited because those are the only running shoes I run in," Wade said. "My friends bought me my first pair of Brooks running shoes, and I've been using them ever since." The partnership, therefore, is instead natural for Wade, who appreciates the company's mission toward health.

"I like what they stand for, and anything that pushes me to continue to be healthy and have that good mental headspace is something that I'm happy to be involved with," she said.