Bill Maher on Trump's Guilty Verdict: 'A Jolly Good Felon Indeed!'

Comedian Bill Maher tackles controversial political legal drama

by Zain ul Abedin
Bill Maher on Trump's Guilty Verdict: 'A Jolly Good Felon Indeed!'
© Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

In a riveting episode of "Real Time," Bill Maher delved into the seismic verdict that found former President Donald Trump guilty on all counts in a high-profile falsification trial. The New York jury's decision on Thursday marked a historical moment, as Trump became the first former president to be convicted of felony crimes, concluding a five-week trial peppered with explosive testimonies from a former tabloid publisher, a renowned Hollywood fixer, Trump's previous lawyer, and a prominent porn star.

The verdict sets the stage for Trump's sentencing on July 11. Maher, known for his sharp wit and incisive commentary, described the episode as "historic," emphasizing the gravity of the occasion. He humorously commented on Trump's current state, saying, "Yeah, he’s pretty distraught and pissed off these days.

But I gotta say, Don, if there was a silver lining to this, you finally did something that made Stormy [Daniels] come." The case, centered around Trump's alleged 2006 encounter with Daniels and subsequent payment for her silence during the 2016 presidential race, stirred significant media and public attention.

Maher's Sharp Satire

Further amplifying the satirical atmosphere, Maher quipped about the repercussions of engaging with a porn star, "You know what they say: don’t do the porn star if you can’t do the time." He also mimicked Trump's voice while discussing the former president's potential plans to appeal the verdict, highlighting a key argument made by Trump’s defense: "Their big talking point today is, ‘If they do it to me, this could happen to anyone.'

Yes, of course. I’ll have to remember that next time I’m cheating on my third wife with a porn star to pay her off when I’m running for president." Maher also touched on the reaction of Trump supporters and some Republicans who appeared visibly distraught by the verdict, joking about their efforts to console Trump, "Did you see when he walked out of the trial after the verdict? They’re all out there singing, ‘For he’s a jolly good felon / for he’s a jolly good felon.'

Remember all those Republicans who were dressing like him? Yeah, now they’re all in orange jumpsuits. I mean, it’s very weird." The episode also featured notable guests such as filmmaker John Waters, Congressman Ken Buck, and political strategist David Axelrod, who contributed to the lively and engaging discussion that has become a hallmark of Maher's show.

This episode of "Real Time" not only captured a pivotal moment in American legal and political history but also underscored the unique blend of humor and critique that Maher brings to the complex and often polarized landscape of U.S.