Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul Fight Delayed Due to Tyson's Health Scare

Legendary boxer Tyson faces unexpected delay in comeback fight

by Zain ul Abedin
Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul Fight Delayed Due to Tyson's Health Scare
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The highly anticipated boxing match between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul has been postponed following a health scare involving Tyson. The legendary 57-year-old boxer experienced a sudden illness during a flight, leading to the decision to delay the bout originally scheduled for July 20 in Arlington, Texas.

Tyson fell ill with nausea and dizziness in the last hour of his journey from Miami to Los Angeles. Upon landing, first responders quickly attended to him, addressing symptoms that his team later attributed to an ongoing ulcer issue.

This medical episode prompted an immediate consultation with health professionals, who advised Tyson to undertake only light training for the next few weeks before ramping up to his usual regimen. The postponement was officially announced on Friday, with both fighters expressing their intentions to reschedule the event soon.

Despite not having competed professionally since June 2005, Tyson has remained active in the boxing community, engaging in training sessions and participating in a notable exhibition match against Roy Jones Jr. in November 2020.

Tyson's Promised Comeback

In a statement released by the fight's promoters, Tyson reassured fans of his commitment to return stronger, stating, "My body is in better overall shape than it has been since the 1990s. I appreciate everyone’s patience and can’t wait to deliver an unforgettable performance later this year." The bout, approved by Texas boxing officials as a legitimate contest with eight 2-minute rounds and heavier gloves, was set to be a major draw, broadcasted live on Netflix from the Dallas Cowboys’ home stadium.

Ticket holders have been assured that their purchases will remain valid for the rescheduled date, still expected to take place in Arlington. Jake Paul, the 27-year-old YouTube sensation turned professional boxer, has built a notable career by facing off against mixed martial artists and less experienced boxers.

He voiced his support for the postponement, emphasizing his desire to compete against Tyson at his best. Paul confidently declared, "When he steps into the ring with me, I will be ready to claim my W with a sensational finish."

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