Chris Evans Addresses Confusion Over Signed "Bomb" in Viral Photo

Chris Evans clarifies old photo amid recent backlash.

by Nouman Rasool
Chris Evans Addresses Confusion Over Signed "Bomb" in Viral Photo
© Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Chris Evans, the famous actor known for "Captain America," has taken to social media to quash controversy over an image of him that resurfaced at the top of this week. The photo of Evans, featuring an apparent signature on a missile, went viral on social media, so misinterpretations followed.

The image is from a December 2016 USO tour, and some had speculated that it depicted Evans signing an Israeli bomb. However, it's not even the same thing that Nikki Haley signed on an Israeli artillery shell in a recent political stunt.

Evans then responded on his Instagram that what he signed was not an instrument of war but an inert training aid. "There's much misinformation surrounding this picture," Evans wrote on Instagram. This image was taken during a USO tour in 2016, where I joined a group of actors, athletes, and musicians to show appreciation for our service members." Evans said the object was an EOD inert training aid, built to mimic an artillery shell but entirely nonfunctional, built for display and training.

Photo Timing Controversy

The timing of the photograph's renewal has been exceptionally touchy, coming in the days following an Israeli airstrike in Gaza that, by all accounts, inflicted large numbers of civilian casualties.

Their juxtaposition served to increase attention and criticism of Evans before he gave his response. An Air Force official speaking for Agence France-Presse corroborated Evans' claim that it was an inert training device. The actor's quick response even targeted laying down any claim to military conflicts that are currently going on, of which this inert piece of ordnance is symbolic, thus emphasizing how context and accuracy in media are essential.

Evans tries to answer for the photograph, where it brings out the intensity of trying to manage one's image, which is quite impossible in the face of a modern world, so full of information—abundant with the spread of sometimes distressing information—on the internet.

His response is a reaction to the immediate controversy and reflects on the broader implications of celebrity involvement in military appreciation events.