Robert De Niro Loses Leadership Award for Anti-Trump Remarks

Actor joins voices at Biden event, highlighting democracy.

by Nouman Rasool
Robert De Niro Loses Leadership Award for Anti-Trump Remarks
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Iconic actor Robert De Niro was honored as a champion by the National Association of Broadcasters, but the award was quickly taken back. The move was a shock after De Niro leaped to his feet and openly cursed former President Donald Trump outside of Trump's criminal trial in New York.

The National Association of Broadcasters, which prides itself on its bipartisan stance, stated that De Niro's polarizing comments threatened to overshadow the philanthropic achievements the award was meant to highlight. De Niro did not protest the decision to rescind the award, as he expressed his ongoing support for the foundation's objectives.

"I support the work of the NAB Leadership Foundation and am grateful for its contributions to society," De Niro commented, wishing the foundation success in its future endeavors.

De Niro's Political Stand

De Niro's criticisms of Trump came during a politically charged week where he attended a campaign event for President Joe Biden near the Manhattan courthouse.

The event also featured poignant speeches from Harry Dunn and Michael Fanone, former law enforcement officers present during the January 6 Capitol attack. Their speeches detailed the violence incited by Trump's false claims about the stolen 2020 election, which were met with heckles from Trump supporters.

Responding to De Niro's appearance and comments, Trump's campaign accused Biden of desperation, pointing to Trump's rising poll numbers and criticizing Biden's choice of De Niro, whom they labeled a "washed-up actor." De Niro, a staunch Democrat and a vocal critic of Trump, also reminisced about Trump's pre-presidential days in New York, describing him as a "grubby real estate hustler" and a "two-bit playboy." He warned of the serious implications if Trump were to be re-elected.

If he gets in, I can tell you right now, he will never leave," De Niro stated, emphasizing the urgency of voting Trump out to safeguard democracy. In his closing remarks, De Niro highlighted the historical dangers of underestimating divisive figures, referencing how some "clowns" have become dictators. He urged Americans to take the threat seriously and seize the opportunity to prevent Trump's potential return to power.

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