SNL’s Trump Comedian Gives Hilarious Take on Ex-President's Guilty Verdict

SNL star turns legal drama into comedic gold

by Zain ul Abedin
SNL’s Trump Comedian Gives Hilarious Take on Ex-President's Guilty Verdict
© Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

In a stunning turn of events that continues to ripple through the entertainment and political worlds alike, Donald Trump, the former president, has been convicted in a high-profile hush-money trial, making him the first criminally convicted U.S.

president. This landmark verdict has drawn reactions from a spectrum of celebrities, including fervent critiques from Hollywood stalwart Robert De Niro. Amidst the buzz, James Austin Johnson, celebrated for his Donald Trump impersonations on "Saturday Night Live" since 2021, seized the moment to share his comedic response.

Johnson, known for his spot-on mimicry, released an Instagram video that quickly went viral, featuring a monologue that both parodied Trump’s notorious speaking style and lampooned the trial’s proceedings. In his skit, Johnson humorously likened the trial to an absurd mishap at Buca di Beppo, a restaurant famed for its eclectic decor.

“When you go to a Buca di Beppo, there’s so many wonderful things on the walls and on the table, frankly, if you look at the pope room, there’s a big head of the pope, and you should be able to play with it, I think, like an action figure or something,” he jests, weaving a bizarre yet comically resonant analogy.

Carbonara Costs Comedy

Continuing his riff, Johnson critiqued the perceived overreach of authority, all while humorously discussing the restaurant's menu. “And the carbonara’s very expensive. And I think carbonara – what is that, like four, five ingredients? Peas, it’s bacon, you know, they give it a different name, Italian name, but it’s bacon.

And I think some cheese, maybe a couple eggs. And it sounds like breakfast but it’s a very yummy pasta. But they charge you so much,” he quipped, drawing laughter and shares across social platforms. While Johnson found a light-hearted angle, not everyone is amused by the verdict.

Piers Morgan vehemently criticized the trial, labeling it “ridiculous” and “shameful,” and suggested that this verdict might paradoxically boost Trump’s chances in the upcoming election. Reflecting on the public's reaction, Morgan noted, "Trump’s donation websites are crashing," predicting a surge of support that could catapult him back into the presidency.