Chris Evans Slammed for Addressing Old 'Bomb' Photo Controversy

Chris Evans stirs controversy with recent social media post

by Zain ul Abedin
Chris Evans Slammed for Addressing Old 'Bomb' Photo Controversy
© Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Chris Evans recently found himself at the center of controversy after addressing what he described as "misinformation" related to a resurfaced photo that had gone viral. The image in question, initially taken during a 2016 USO tour, shows the former Marvel star signing what appears to be a bomb.

This incident resurfaced shortly after a photo of presidential hopeful Nikki Haley writing "Finish Them" on an artillery shell during a Memorial Day visit to the Israeli military made headlines, amid the ongoing conflict in Israel and Palestine.

Evans clarified that the object he signed was actually an "inert" prop, not an active weapon. "There’s a lot of misinformation surrounding this picture. Some clarification: This image was taken during a USO tour in 2016," he explained on Instagram.

He emphasized that the purpose of the tour was to show appreciation for U.S. service members and reiterated that the item was only used for training or display.

Evans Faces Backlash

Despite his intentions, the clarification did little to quell the brewing storm.

Critics pointed out that while Evans was quick to address the photo controversy, he remained silent on the broader issue of the Israeli attacks on Gaza, which had recently intensified. Social media users, including prominent accounts and everyday fans, expressed disappointment that Evans did not use his platform to condemn the violence or direct attention toward the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

One Twitter user noted, "Chris Evans can say all this to defend himself and still not use his platform to spread awareness about Palestine." Meanwhile, a Reddit user lamented, "He chose to respond to this, but has yet to say a damn thing about Palestine." Furthermore, a fan account urged Evans to not only clarify misunderstandings but also to "speak out against this genocide and use his platform to push for a permanent, lasting ceasefire." The controversy underscores a growing expectation for public figures to leverage their influence responsibly, especially in times of crisis.

This sentiment was echoed earlier in the week by musician Kehlani, who criticized celebrities for their silence on Gaza. In a viral video, she expressed deep disappointment with peers who engage with pro-Palestine content privately but remain publicly silent.

Rapper Macklemore also weighed in, releasing a track condemning the pervasive culture of silence in the entertainment industry regarding the conflict in Israel.