Robert De Niro Blasts 'Crazy' Trump Following Guilty Verdict in Hush Money Case

Hollywood icon takes bold stance in political controversy

by Zain ul Abedin
Robert De Niro Blasts 'Crazy' Trump Following Guilty Verdict in Hush Money Case
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In a striking turn of events, Donald Trump faced a sweeping guilty verdict on 34 felony charges related to a high-profile hush money case. The charges, centered on falsifying business documents to obscure an alleged affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels just before the 2016 presidential election, marked a significant moment in U.S.

legal history. The verdict came to light on Thursday night, leaving no room for doubt about Trump's involvement in the financial cover-up. It was amidst this charged atmosphere that Robert De Niro, a staunch critic of Trump, attended the premiere of his new film, "Ezra." When approached by reporters on the red carpet, De Niro’s response was pointed and potent.

“I think justice was served,” declared the Oscar-winning actor to Variety. He emphasized that the case was just a segment of a larger, troubling picture, urging cautious reflection on the issues at hand. De Niro speculated on the broader implications of the verdict, particularly its potential influence on the upcoming U.S.

election. “This never should have gotten to this stage," he stated. "I don’t want to be talking, but I am so upset by it. I have to say something. This is my country. This guy wants to destroy it. Period. He’s crazy”.

De Niro's Defiant Stand

The conversation took a personal turn as De Niro discussed the risks of his outspoken stance. Despite potential threats, he remains undeterred, his resolve only hardened by opposition. “You think about that.

It makes me more angry, but I have to be afraid to be intimidated. And that’s why I said, you’re not going to intimidate us,” he asserted. De Niro's criticisms of Trump are not new. Throughout Trump's presidency and beyond, De Niro has been a vocal opponent, expressing disdain for Trump’s leadership style.

Earlier in the week, he even made a public appearance outside the courthouse, labeling Trump a “monster” and a “tyrant”. Trump, ever combative, quickly retaliated against De Niro’s comments on the social media platform Truth Social.

As the legal and verbal battles unfold, the tension between Trump and his celebrity critics continues to captivate the nation, underscoring a deeply polarized political landscape.

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