Paul Mescal Not Set for 'Beach Read' Film - But Director Welcomes Fan Ideas

Social media buzz ignites fresh casting conversations

by Zain ul Abedin
Paul Mescal Not Set for 'Beach Read' Film - But Director Welcomes Fan Ideas
© Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

In the buzzing world of film adaptations, the anticipation around the upcoming "Beach Read" movie is palpable, especially regarding its potential cast. Director Yulin Kuang recently stirred excitement but confirmed that casting decisions, including the inclusion of Oscar nominee Paul Mescal, are still up in the air.

During a detailed discussion with Etalk, Kuang addressed the fervent fan speculation about casting Mescal, 28, in the lead role of the film based on the beloved book. She clarified that while the project is still in its nascent stages, no official casting conversations have taken place.

"I just delivered a draft to the studio and am awaiting notes," Kuang revealed, indicating that the adaptation is still in the early phases of development. Despite the lack of confirmation, Kuang expressed enthusiasm for the public's engagement and ideas: "I love all the ideas and the enthusiasm," she noted, appreciating the audience's eagerness to see Mescal in a pivotal role.

Sparking Casting Speculations

The casting rumors gained traction in March when Kuang and "Beach Read" author Emily Henry posted a St. Patrick’s Day selfie with Mescal and actress Ayo Edebiri, sparking widespread discussion among fans.

This interaction led to further speculation about their involvement not only in "Beach Read" but also in adaptations of Henry’s other novels, "People We Meet on Vacation" and "Book Lovers." Henry spoke to Variety, teasing the possibilities without confirming specifics: "I can’t confirm or deny anything with casting… but I will say that those are two of my favorite 'Irish' actors." She added, "I've seen them discussed [online] for several different roles, and I definitely have a favorite.

They’re great; they could do anything." The actors themselves are not shy about their mutual admiration and interest in working together. At the Met Gala 2024, Edebiri shared with Entertainment Tonight her openness to starring in a rom-com with Mescal, though their busy schedules and script quality would be deciding factors.

Mescal echoed this sentiment in a previous interview with Awards Watch, expressing a desire to take on a rom-com challenge with Edebiri in the near future. As the film development progresses and fan theories abound, the potential involvement of Mescal and Edebiri continues to fuel exciting discussions among moviegoers, showcasing the dynamic interaction between fan expectations and film production realities.