Nicholas Galitzine Cast as He-Man in Amazon MGM & Mattel's 'Masters of the Universe'

Iconic franchise set for a cinematic reboot in 2026.

by Nouman Rasool
Nicholas Galitzine Cast as He-Man in Amazon MGM & Mattel's 'Masters of the Universe'
© Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Headlining the Amazon Prime romances The Idea of You and Red, White & Royal Blue, Nicholas Galitzine is back to his magical collaboration with Amazon MGM, which is considered a success. Its massive co-venture now finds the actor stepping into the long-awaited live-action feature Masters of the Universe from Mattel Films.

Specifics of the much-awaited movie's plot still remain under wraps. However, the storyline of the movie is well located in Mattel's legendary franchise. The movie, for sure, will not disappoint the fans. Although Travis Knight is sitting in the director's chair and Chris Butler is working as the screenwriter, there were also initial scriptwriting executions made by David Callaham, Aaron Nee, and Adam Nee.

The movie will adapt a storyline that will incorporate nostalgia and yet give underlying touches of freshness in cinema. Much big inspiration comes from the expectations of previous movies by fans.

He-Man's Global Release

Just the other day, it was announced that the movie "Masters of the Universe" has been produced by none other but Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal, and Steve Tisch from Escape Artists, along with Mattel Films' Robbie Brenner.

The motion picture, first developed between Sony and Netflix, will now smash into movie theaters all over the globe on June 5, 2026. Galitzine's star has been on a meteoric rise, recently featured opposite Anne Hathaway in "The Idea of You." The film, directed by Michael Showalter and based on Robinne Lee's novel, has been a monumental success, securing the title of Prime Video's most successful rom-com debut ever.

It captivated nearly 50 million viewers worldwide within just two weeks of its release. Additionally, Galitzine shone in the historical drama "Mary & George" on Starz, acting alongside Julianne Moore and Tony Curran. He continues to ride the wave of popularity from his role in "Red, White & Royal Blue," with a sequel currently in the works.

Mattel Films, the powerhouse behind last year’s Oscar-winning "Barbie," is actively expanding its cinematic universe. It is currently developing live-action adaptations of beloved franchises including American Girl, Hot Wheels, and many more, highlighting its strategy to leverage its rich portfolio into new, engaging narratives.

Represented by a cadre of talent agencies including the UK’s Curtis Brown Group, WME, Anonymous Content, and others, Galitzine’s choice of roles continues to propel his career to new heights, promising his fans an exciting cinematic journey with his portrayal of He-Man.