Jim Carrey Slashes Price on L.A. Estate to $22M in Third Reduction

Discover Jim Carrey's tranquil retreat amid nature's beauty

by Zain ul Abedin
Jim Carrey Slashes Price on L.A. Estate to $22M in Third Reduction
© Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Jim Carrey, renowned for his eclectic roles in Hollywood, has once again reduced the asking price of his expansive Los Angeles estate, marking the third price cut since its initial listing over a year ago. Originally placed on the market in February 2023 for $28.9 million, the Oscar-winning actor dropped the price first to $27 million and then to $24 million, before settling on the current asking price of $21.9 million last week.

Nestled in the prestigious Brentwood neighborhood, Jim Carrey's 11,000-square-foot property epitomizes luxury and privacy. Built in 1951, the ranch-style home boasts five bedrooms and nine bathrooms spread over two meticulously landscaped acres.

The interior is a haven of comfort and style, featuring beamed ceilings, polished brick, and rich hardwood floors that amplify the natural light flowing through large windows.

Luxury Estate Highlights

The master suite, a true retreat within the home, offers a private balcony overlooking the verdant grounds, complete with an infrared sauna and steam room.

The estate's outdoor features are equally impressive, including a tennis court, a serene gazebo, a waterfall pool, and a secluded treetop yoga and meditation platform, creating a perfect blend of relaxation and recreational spaces.

Further enhancing its appeal, the home includes a custom art deco theater, a fully equipped gym, and a spacious office, catering to both entertainment and professional needs. Since stepping back from the limelight and announcing his retirement from acting, Jim Carrey has embraced a quieter lifestyle, focusing on his passions for art and spirituality.

In a 2022 interview with "Access Hollywood," he expressed contentment with his achievements and current life, emphasizing his dedication to painting and personal growth away from the pressures of Hollywood. This shift follows his earlier comments to the Hollywood Reporter in 2018, where he critiqued the industry's corporate overreach and expressed a desire for more personal creative freedom.

Jim Carrey's current move to sell his estate comes at a time when he is prioritizing personal over professional aspirations, seeking tranquility and fulfillment in his artistic endeavors rather than the fast-paced world of film and celebrity.