Robert De Niro Joins Ex-Cops to Criticize Trump at NY Trial

Biden allies spotlight Trump's risks at pivotal trial.

by Nouman Rasool
Robert De Niro Joins Ex-Cops to Criticize Trump at NY Trial
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In a striking turn of events on Tuesday, the Biden campaign orchestrated a high-profile gathering near the Manhattan courthouse where former President Donald Trump's hush money trial is ongoing. The campaign enlisted influential voices, including actor Robert De Niro and former Capitol police officers Harry Dunn and Michael Fanone, to articulate the perceived dangers Trump poses to American democracy.

De Niro, known for his outspoken views, did not mince words outside the courthouse. "Donald Trump wants to sow total chaos. He’s a clown whose potential return to the presidency is a direct threat to our society," he stated emphatically.

The actor, a long-time New Yorker, expressed a deep-seated concern for both his city and the nation. "I love this city. I don’t want to see it destroyed. Trump doesn’t just threaten New York—he threatens the entire country, and his actions could have global repercussions," De Niro added.

De Niro's Stark Warning

In response, Trump campaign senior adviser Jason Miller launched a counter-attack, labeling De Niro as "a washed-up actor" and criticizing the Biden campaign's strategy. However, De Niro remained undeterred, stressing the serious implications of Trump's potential re-election.

"If Trump returns to the White House, you can kiss goodbye to the freedoms we all take for granted," he warned. Adding to the intensity of the Biden campaign’s presentation, Dunn and Fanone shared their harrowing experiences from the January 6 Capitol riot, underscoring their stance against Trump’s brand of politics.

Dunn, fresh from an unsuccessful congressional run, declared Trump "the greatest threat to our democracy today," reflecting on the personal and national traumas of that day. Fanone, who suffered severe injuries during the riot, including a heart attack, spoke passionately about the ongoing risks.

"I'm here to remind Americans of the violence unleashed by Donald Trump on January 6th. We must not forget the real and present danger he poses," he stated. This marked the first instance of the Biden campaign taking a public stand at the courthouse, contrasting sharply with the daily presence of Trump's surrogates at the site.

Miller seized the moment to accuse the Biden team of politicizing what should have been a judicial matter, claiming, "They've turned a trial day into a campaign event, revealing their true intentions." Tuesday’s developments underscore a deepening political divide, as both campaigns ramp up their narratives in what appears to be an increasingly contentious prelude to the next election cycle.

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