Jeremy Renner Explains His Mission: Impossible Exit

Jeremy Renner resumes thrilling action in 'Mayor of Kingstown'

by Zain ul Abedin
Jeremy Renner Explains His Mission: Impossible Exit
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Jeremy Renner, the acclaimed actor known for his dynamic roles, has recently opened up about his departure from the popular "Mission: Impossible" franchise. Renner, who last appeared as William Brandt in the 2015 blockbuster "Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation," discussed the personal reasons behind his exit in a revealing interview with Collider published on May 27.

Renner, who first joined the adrenaline-pumping spy series with 2011's "Ghost Protocol," opted out of the subsequent sequels "Fallout" (2018) and "Dead Reckoning" (2023). The actor, father to 11-year-old daughter Ava, emphasized that his decision to leave was driven by the demanding shooting schedules that kept him away from home for extended periods.

"It's all in London. I had to go be a dad. It just wasn't going to work out then," Renner explained during the interview. Despite his absence from recent entries, Renner's fondness for the series and his character has not waned.

He expressed his continued affection for the cast, including superstar Tom Cruise, and his openness to reprise his role if circumstances align. "I love those guys. I love Tom so much. We had so much fun, and I love that character a lot," he said.

Renner hinted at a possible return to the franchise, suggesting that his daughter's increasing age might allow him more flexibility in the future.

Renner's Stunt Comeback

Currently, Renner is back on the small screen with the Paramount+ series "Mayor of Kingstown," where he plays a pivotal role.

His return to filming in January marked a significant comeback after his near-fatal snowplow accident. The show's creator, Hugh Dillon, praised Renner's resilience and dedication to performing his own stunts, despite the physical challenges posed by his recovery.

"Seeing Jeremy Renner do his own stunts? You should watch it for that alone," Dillon remarked in a featurette that premiered exclusively with PEOPLE. Renner's venture back into acting has been met with enthusiasm and support, especially given the severe nature of his injuries.

He shared insights into his experience returning to action-packed scenes, noting the intensity and his initial doubts about his physical capabilities. "The stunt work was pretty violent, and it was surprising that I was even able to attempt it," Renner reflected.

With "Mayor of Kingstown" season 3 set to premiere on June 2, audiences will once again witness Renner's compelling performance on screen.

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