Robert De Niro Fires Back at Pro-Trump Protesters: 'You're Gangsters!'

De Niro confronts Trump supporters amid heated trial

by Zain ul Abedin
Robert De Niro Fires Back at Pro-Trump Protesters: 'You're Gangsters!'
© Mike Coppola/Getty Images

In a charged atmosphere outside the Manhattan courtroom where Donald Trump faces trial over a hush-money case, President Joe Biden's campaign unleashed a potent political offensive. The event featured cinematic icon Robert De Niro and two officers who heroically defended the Capitol during the January 6 insurrection.

Their message was clear: re-electing Trump poses a severe threat to national and global stability. De Niro, a staunch advocate for New York City, drew parallels between the resilience displayed after 9/11 and the current political climate.

“The Twin Towers fell just over here. We vowed not to let terrorists change our way of life. I love this city and refuse to see it destroyed. Donald Trump threatens not just New York, but the entire country, and potentially the world,” he expressed passionately.

His rhetoric intensified as he warned of the dire consequences of a Trump reelection. “If Trump returns to the White House, say goodbye to the freedoms we take for granted. Elections will become a relic of the past. If he wins, he will cling to power indefinitely,” De Niro cautioned, stirring the crowd with a mix of fear and resolve.

De Niro Clashes with Protesters

The tension escalated when De Niro encountered vocal pro-Trump protesters on his way back to his vehicle. The protesters labeled him a "wannabe," "DNC sell-out," and disparaged his acting career.

Unfazed, De Niro retorted, “You won’t intimidate us. That’s Trump’s tactic. We are going to fight back. While we strive to maintain civility, you embody the true spirit of gangsters!” As insults flew, with one protester calling De Niro "washed up," the actor didn’t hold back, responding curtly with an expletive.

Meanwhile, the Trump campaign did not miss an opportunity to criticize the Biden team’s strategy of enlisting Hollywood's elite, suggesting it showcased a disconnect from the everyday struggles of ordinary Americans.

Karoline Leavitt and Jason Miller, Trump campaign spokespeople, mocked the reliance on what they termed “elitist, out-of-touch actors” like De Niro. Despite the confrontation, the Biden campaign is doubling down on this high-profile endorsement.

They unveiled a new advertisement featuring De Niro, recently nominated for an Oscar, which will broadcast across key battleground states in both television and digital formats. In a testament to De Niro’s enduring appeal, amidst the chaos, a supporter in the crowd highlighted his illustrious past, shouting, “I loved you in 'Taxi Driver'!”

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