Seth Meyers Breaks Down Day Drinking with Stars

Exploring the unique segments that define Meyers' show

by Zain ul Abedin
Seth Meyers Breaks Down Day Drinking with Stars
© Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

As Seth Meyers celebrates ten years at the helm of "Late Night with Seth Meyers," he reflects on the transformative journey from feeling merely "competent" to redefining late-night television. Initially critical of his early performances, Meyers found his stride amid significant events like the 2016 election and the COVID-19 pandemic, which prompted a pivotal shift in his show's direction.

Meyers, who once humorously roasted Donald Trump at the 2011 White House Correspondents' Dinner, sparking jokes about his role in Trump's rise, has since embraced a more relaxed, authentic on-air style. This shift was notably influenced by his stint hosting from home during the pandemic, adopting a smart-casual attire that has become a staple.

Day Drinking Dynamics

A standout feature in Meyers' revamped format is the "Day Drinking" segment, where he indulges in spirited escapades with A-list celebrities. This segment gained a massive following, especially after an episode with pop icon Rihanna, dubbed the "Rihanna bounce," which amassed over 22 million views.

Despite its popularity, Meyers humorously admits the segment is taxing, given its less than favorable effects on his liver compared to other recurring late-night bits like "Carpool Karaoke." Behind the scenes, Meyers and his team meticulously prepare for each guest, ensuring a fun and lively atmosphere, crucial for the segment's success.

Despite the initial dread he feels each time a new Day Drinking episode is booked, the enjoyment during the segment and the audience's enthusiastic reception make it worthwhile. Moreover, Meyers' approach to these segments reflects a deeper desire for authenticity in his interviews - a contrast to the often sober standard chat format.

This authenticity extends to his personal life, where, despite his on-screen drinking antics, he has reduced his alcohol consumption, focusing more on family life. As Meyers continues to innovate and entertain, his journey from a self-critical newcomer to a beloved late-night figure highlights his unique ability to adapt and resonate with viewers across America, ensuring his place among late-nights most inventive hosts.