Jimmy Kimmel Shares Son Billy's Third Heart Surgery on Memorial Day

Jimmy Kimmel highlights CHLA's inclusive healthcare initiatives.

by Nouman Rasool
Jimmy Kimmel Shares Son Billy's Third Heart Surgery on Memorial Day
© Mindy Small/Getty Images

Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel shared a very personal update: this past Memorial Day weekend, his son Billy underwent his third open heart surgery. This latest procedure at Children's Hospital Los Angeles closely followed a major milestone set by Billy in fighting a congenital heart defect.

Well, the surgery turned out to be successful and Billy, with a new savant heart valve, has a bright prognosis. The ABC late-night host posted a belated photo of Billy in a hospital bed on Instagram with a caption expressing his gratitude and relief, while the young boy smiled bravavely post-surgery.

"We went in with a lot of apprehension and dread; we left with an excellent prognosis and, more importantly, a happy, healthy boy," Kimmel said in singing high praise of CHLA's expert medical professionals.

CHLA's Broad Support

However, Kimmel was connected to CHLA on more than just a personal level.

He pointed out that the hospital is accessible to all families, regardless of financial status, because of the support it receives from the Affordable Care Act, the generous donations all around from corporate bodies, and individual donations.

The star didn't forget to name Disney, his employer, as one company that supports the hospital. Throughout the ordeal, Kimmel has been making the point for health insurance and affordable healthcare, using his son's health challenges to speak out in public on these two important issues.

His emotional monologue in 2017, shortly after Billy's birth and initial surgery, brought to many a realization of how imperative it was to avail care, no matter what their economic status may be. "If your baby is going to die and it doesn't have to, it shouldn't matter how much money you make.

Period.". It was particularly evident in his advocacy during the legislative repeal of the Affordable Care Act that took place in 2017 and to which Kimmel was so strongly in opposition. He was working on something that was part of a much larger national conversation about health policy, one that brought attention to the very real human stories behind these debates.

It is Kimmel's personal experiences that make him such a strong advocate for pediatric healthcare, urging anyone who will listen to support the institutions like CHLA. His story really is one of the resilience of families in dealing with medical challenges and that individual lives can be changed by community and legislative support.