Bill Maher Fires Back: 'I Haven't Changed, Your Ideas Are Stupid'

Exploring Bill Maher's Views on Politics and Dating Trends

by Zain ul Abedin
Bill Maher Fires Back: 'I Haven't Changed, Your Ideas Are Stupid'
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During a recent CNN interview, comedian Bill Maher firmly addressed claims that his political stance has shifted, asserting instead that it is the ideologies on the left that have evolved. Speaking with Fareed Zakaria, Maher discussed his perceptions of this shift, particularly highlighting his concerns over the left's approach to various social issues.

"I haven’t turned. Yes, people have said to me, ‘You make fun of the left more than you used to,’ and guilty, I have, because the left has changed," Maher explained. His critique extends beyond the left; he also acknowledged significant shifts in right-wing politics, though he believes these changes are more detrimental.

Maher, promoting his new book "What This Comedian Said Will Shock You," elaborated on specific changes he finds troubling, ranging from attitudes toward free speech to controversial ideas about health and historical figures.

"There are things that have to do with, you know, gender and race and free speech, and just ideas about you can be healthy at any weight and gender is always a social construct and maybe we should give communism another try and maybe we should get rid of capitalism and the Border Patrol, and let’s tear down statues of Lincoln and get rid of the police.

Just, you know - no. It’s not that I’ve gotten old, it’s that your ideas are stupid, OK?" he stated.

Maher on Modern Dating

The interview also touched on Maher's views on the Republican Party and Donald Trump, whom Maher has repeatedly criticized.

Despite his disapproval of certain progressive ideologies, Maher clarified that his disdain for the far-left does not translate into support for the Republicans, whom he regards as a threat to democracy. Additionally, Maher discussed societal changes affecting interpersonal communication, particularly among young men.

He expressed concern over the reliance on digital platforms like Tinder, which he argues diminish men's ability to engage in meaningful conversations with women. "I think this is going to be a very big problem... You have to talk to them," Maher said, emphasizing the importance of traditional courting practices which he feels are being lost in modern dating scenarios.

Through his commentary, Maher continues to position himself as an "old school liberal," critiquing both ends of the political spectrum while holding onto his foundational beliefs. His candid thoughts not only fuel the ongoing dialogue about political and social ideologies but also reflect his enduring influence as a commentator on contemporary issues.