Stephen King's Election Comment Ignites Online Frenzy

Horror author King takes a strong stand on politics

by Zain ul Abedin
Stephen King's Election Comment Ignites Online Frenzy
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Stephen King, renowned horror author and persistent critic of Donald Trump, has again voiced his disapproval of the former president, particularly targeting Trump's stance on women's reproductive rights. On a recent post to X (formerly Twitter), King starkly framed the ongoing political debate: "Would you like to continue the rollback of women's reproductive rights? Vote Trump." This comment swiftly garnered over 770,000 views, highlighting its resonance and the contentious nature of the topic.

King's critique aligns with his long-standing opposition to Trump, reflecting his broader discontent with the Republican politician's policies. This isn't the first time King has used his platform to challenge Trump’s policies; he has been an outspoken Democrat since 1970 and frequently uses social media to express his political opinions.

The reaction to King’s post was polarized. Supporters like Melody Le Lacy and DebMcD007 expressed their agreement with emphatic rejections of regressive policies. PatrickDoyle_ commented on the broader implications of MAGA policies, criticizing their disregard for human rights.

Conversely, another user, @Pensandpages, speculated that the push against reproductive rights is economically and politically motivated rather than moral.

King vs. Trump Feud

However, not all the feedback was supportive. Critics like @KelliDPowers urged King to move on, while @MustangMan_TX and Gianna questioned the practical impact of Trump’s policies on their rights.

JFG humorously suggested voting as a way to stop King from tweeting about politics. King’s ongoing feud with Trump isn’t new. It dates back to at least 2016 when King was among 450 writers who protested Trump’s candidacy.

His consistent stance on reproductive rights has been evident, especially following Trump's ambiguous comments on Roe v. Wade, which King believes are misleading. Furthermore, King has been vocal about the broader implications of Trump's potential re-election.

In March, he cautioned voters against switching their allegiance from Biden to Trump, emphasizing the threat to democratic processes. He contrasted Trump’s rhetoric with Biden’s governance, urging voters to reflect on their choices.

King also hasn’t shied away from mocking Trump’s campaign behaviors, highlighting what he perceives as Trump's ineptitude and dishonesty. These critiques not only engage his followers but also stimulate broader discussions about the political landscape, illustrating his influence beyond literary circles.

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