Kanye West's Signed 'F--k Adidas' Album Up for Auction

Kanye West's signed album sparks major auction buzz

by Zain ul Abedin
Kanye West's Signed 'F--k Adidas' Album Up for Auction
© Jason Davis/Getty Images

In a bold move that captures the essence of celebrity controversies, a rare piece of music memorabilia - an album signed "F--- Adidas" by Kanye West—is hitting the auction block. Moments in Time is offering the signed vinyl of Kanye West's 2010 masterpiece, "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy," but interested collectors should note that bids start at a steep $500,000.

This one-of-a-kind album has gained unprecedented value not just from West's signature but also from the circumstances surrounding its signing. Captured on video, the moment occurred in February when West and his companion, Bianca Censori, emerged from a Paris hotel.

They were greeted by a crowd of fans passionately chanting F--- Adidas in support of West, who recently accused the brand of undermining his creative input by releasing Yeezy sneakers without his consent.

The timing of the signature was impeccable, coming days after West's public outcry against Adidas for what he described as a violation of his stylistic integrity.

The chant from his fans resonated deeply with West, who, energized by the support, took the vinyl from a fan and emblazoned it with the controversial phrase using a black marker.

Vinyl Auction Background

This auction item isn't just a piece of music history; it's a snapshot of a decade-long relationship between the fan and his musical hero.

The fan, who had been attempting to meet Kanye West for ten years, finally succeeded after waiting outside for three hours on that significant day. Following the event, the viral clip of the signing led to a barrage of messages and lucrative offers for the vinyl, prompting the fan to realize the potential value of his item.

The backdrop to this auction is Kanye's tumultuous partnership with Adidas, which took a nosedive two years ago following West's antisemitic comments. Adidas severed ties with the artist swiftly, underscoring their zero-tolerance policy towards hate speech and setting the stage for this moment of musical and cultural significance.

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