Dylan Minnette Discusses Acting Departure: 'It Started to Feel Merely Like a Job'

Exploring Dylan Minnette's creative shift from acting to music

by Zain ul Abedin
Dylan Minnette Discusses Acting Departure: 'It Started to Feel Merely Like a Job'
© Rich Polk/Getty Images

Dylan Minnette, celebrated for his role in Netflix’s hit series "13 Reasons Why," recently shared his thoughts on taking a hiatus from acting to focus on his musical journey with his band, Wallows. In a candid discussion on the Zach Sang Show, Minnette delved into his decision to step back from the screen and what the future holds for his artistic endeavors.

Minnette expressed gratitude for the remarkable success he experienced in his acting career, particularly highlighting the peak he reached with "13 Reasons Why." “It was incredibly popular and certainly a high point for me as an actor," he remarked.

"However, over time, it began to feel more like routine work. Despite being in an enviable position and consistently finding joy and inspiration in my roles, the spark began to wane." The actor turned musician explained that music has always been another significant passion for him.

With Wallows, he sees a potential to explore this passion to its fullest. “We’ve always dreamt of pushing this as far as we can," Minnette stated. "Now, I’m in a place where I can dedicate myself fully to music, committing all my time and energy to realize our ambitions seriously and professionally”.

Minnette's Artistic Pivot

Minnette described his shift toward music as a natural and inspiring transition. He is relishing his time with the band but admits that the allure of acting remains, often pondering a return to acting.

Interestingly, his readiness to return coincided with the actor’s strike, putting those plans temporarily on hold. The pause in his acting career has not only allowed him to explore his musical interests but also rekindled his creative and artistic inclinations in other areas.

“I’m finding new inspiration and believe I still have much to contribute artistically, likely through acting once more,” he shared. Minnette envisions a return to acting once Wallows has achieved its current goals and the band members are ready for a breather.

Minnette’s recent roles include appearances in the 2022 horror flick "Scream" and Hulu’s mini-series "The Dropout." As he navigates his dual passions for music and acting, his fans eagerly await his next creative endeavor, whether it be on stage with his band or back on their screens.