Megan Mullally Reveals Lack of 'Organic Burning Desire' for Kids with Nick Offerman

Exploring personal choices in the face of family expectations.

by Nouman Rasool
Megan Mullally Reveals Lack of 'Organic Burning Desire' for Kids with Nick Offerman
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The beloved actress of "Will & Grace," Megan Mullally, recently shared some insight into their personal decision with her husband, Nick Offerman, not to start a family, noting that she lacks an "organic burning desire." The 65-year-old star spoke up on the podcast "Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald" about the couple's mutual feelings regarding having children, marking rare air in what she considers "the last taboo" for her generation.

The twosome, who met in 2000 and exchanged vows in 2003, easily became a part of Hollywood with their charismatic on-screen and off-screen personas. Career-driven and having a very manageable married life, the topic of children never seemed pressing for them.

Mullally explained that the decision stemmed not from aversion but simply from not feeling the compelling urge that many associate with the desire to have children.

Family Dreams Diverge

Reflecting on her family background, Mullally mentioned her mother's contrasting dream of a large family, emphasizing how different her own life choices have been.

She mused about the potential challenges that come with parenting, particularly under financial strain, suggesting that the fear of resentment from unfulfilled personal ambitions played a role in their decision. However, Mullally was quick to clarify that she is not "anti-children." She recounted the natural attempts she and Offerman made at conceiving, remarking on the simplicity of their efforts and the ultimate realization that it was not their path.

Offerman, 53, shares her peace with this outcome, feeling no regret or trauma over not being a parent. The couple's relationship began when Mullally was 41 and Offerman was 30, timing that Mullally acknowledged might have influenced their decision-making process regarding children.

Despite this, their love story has flourished over the years, highlighted by shared appearances in popular shows like "Parks and Recreation" and "Will & Grace." Their open discussion about choosing not to have children aligns with a growing public conversation embraced by various celebrities who opt out of parenthood.

This dialogue sheds light on the personal choices that defy societal expectations and emphasizes the importance of personal fulfillment and mutual understanding in relationships.