Dennis Quaid Commends Trump's Neighborhood Outreach After Bronx Rally

Dennis Quaid shares insights on Reagan's influential legacy

by Zain ul Abedin
Dennis Quaid Commends Trump's Neighborhood Outreach After Bronx Rally
© Kristy Sparow/Getty Images

Dennis Quaid, renowned for his role in the upcoming biopic "Reagan," recently expressed his admiration for Donald Trump's proactive community engagement in New York City. Following Trump's impactful rally in the South Bronx, Quaid shared his thoughts during an interview on "Jesse Watters Primetime." He praised the former president for his presence in minority neighbourhoods, highlighting how these efforts humanize him amidst political adversities.

Quaid's comments come in the wake of a significant rally where Trump drew thousands of supporters, echoing his intent to "clean house" in Washington without implying dictatorial aspirations. Instead, Trump advocates for a fresh start, focusing on the American public's demands.

The actor also drew historical parallels with Ronald Reagan's visit to the same Bronx area in 1980. At that time, Reagan criticized then-President Jimmy Carter for his lacklustre urban revitalization efforts, likening the neglected borough to post-war London.

This visit was pivotal, preceding Reagan's narrow victory in New York in the 1980 general election by nearly 3 percentage points - a state traditionally dominated by Democrats. Reagan's success continued, culminating in a landslide victory in 1984.

Quaid Champions Reagan

Reflecting on that era, Quaid emphasized the courage Reagan demonstrated by engaging directly with such communities despite the risk of political backlash. He shared personal anecdotes of his admiration for Reagan, noting he was the first president he ever voted for.

He described him as a "man of the people" and a "great communicator." In his upcoming portrayal of Reagan, Quaid aims to revive the essence of America's past glory and potential future, captured through Reagan's leadership and persona.

He expressed pride in the film, which he believes will remind audiences of Reagan's impactful legacy and his humane approach to governance. The film "Reagan" is scheduled for release on August 30, is anticipated to offer a nostalgic look at American leadership during a pivotal time, paralleling some aspects of today's political landscape.

Quaid concluded his interview by reiterating the timeless question, "Are you better off than you were four years ago?"—a reflection on both past and present political climates.