Zelenskyy Calls for Global Unity at Peace Summit During Russia Conflict

Zelenskyy addresses urgent global action from war-torn Kharkiv

by Zain ul Abedin
Zelenskyy Calls for Global Unity at Peace Summit During Russia Conflict
© Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy passionately called for international cooperation at the upcoming Global Peace Summit on June 15, emphasizing the critical need for collective action against Russian aggression. Speaking from Kharkiv, a city severely impacted by Russian shelling, Zelenskyy underscored the harsh realities faced by more than a million residents, detailing their nightly terrors under missile attacks.

He criticized Russia for its unrelenting pursuit to normalize violence, specifically targeting civilian areas and manipulating nuclear power for geopolitical leverage. In a recent post on X, formerly Twitter, Zelenskyy highlighted that the Summit, co-organized with Switzerland, aims to consolidate global leadership against Russian deceit in negotiations.

“For Russia, division and destruction are becoming norms. We cannot let this be our global reality. More than eighty countries have already pledged to attend, demonstrating a unified front,” Zelenskyy stated. The Ukrainian leader extended a special invitation to prominent global figures, including U.S.

President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping, urging them to demonstrate decisive leadership. “This summit is not merely about dialogue; it’s about forging a real peace, not just a temporary ceasefire,” he explained.

Zelenskyy's Global Peace Appeal

Zelenskyy's call extends beyond diplomatic circles. He appeals directly to the global community to reject the normalization of war and division propagated by Russian forces. He emphasizes that widespread international participation at the Summit could ensure the enforcement of peace commitments.

His poignant message from Kharkiv—where no street has been spared from the violence—reiterates the urgent need for a global response. “Every corner of this city tells the story of Russia's cruelty. We gather not just to discuss, but to commit to peace and to ensure that the UN charter, a symbol of international unity, is upheld, not destroyed,” Zelenskyy concluded.

As the Summit approaches, the world watches closely, anticipating whether this collective effort will pave the way for a durable peace or if it will merely serve as a brief interlude in the ongoing conflict.