Jeff Probst Announces Termination of Sia Prize for 'Survivor' Competitors

Sia's generous tradition on 'Survivor' comes to an end

by Zain ul Abedin
Jeff Probst Announces Termination of Sia Prize for 'Survivor' Competitors
© Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

In a heartfelt announcement on social media, Jeff Probst, the host of CBS’s iconic series Survivor, marked the end of a unique chapter in the show’s history - the Sia Prize. After eight years and 14 seasons, pop icon Sia's generous initiative to reward her favorite Survivor contestants is coming to a close.

Probst shared on his Instagram Story, “After eight years, 14 seasons, 19 players, and over $1,000,000 awarded, Survivor is officially bringing the Sia Prize to a triumphant end! Sia has brought so much joy to so many players, and it was always straight from her heart”.

The Sia Prize began in an unforgettable moment during the season 32 finale of Survivor: Kaôh R?ng - Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty when Sia, moved by contestant Tai Trang's compassion for animals, walked onto the stage and awarded him $50,000.

This spontaneous act of kindness sparked what would be known as the Sia Prize, a tradition of generosity that saw the artist personally award money to 19 contestants over subsequent seasons. Among these, seven standout contestants were each enriched by $100,000.

Origins of the Sia Prize

Probst reflected on the inception of the prize, recalling the live finale moment that started it all: “I still vividly remember the day Sia stood up in the audience during the live finale … and made her way onstage.

She was so taken by Tai Trang’s commitment to protecting a chicken from being eaten that she awarded him $50,000 of her own money. Tai was shocked, the audience was shocked, I was shocked! What was happening? Sia was onstage in her wig handing out money to a Survivor player!? That was the beginning of what became affectionately known as ‘The Sia Prize.’” While the Sia Prize was not officially affiliated with the Survivor franchise itself, which offers its winner a grand prize of $1 million, it embodied a rare and heartwarming crossover between a global music star and a beloved television series.

Probst expressed profound gratitude and admiration for Sia, noting, “It is with tremendous gratitude and admiration to Sia that we bring to a close one of the most unique relationships a TV show could ever have with a pop star of Sia’s global wattage.

I’m really honored for Survivor to have this one-of-a-kind association with Sia. She’s in the Survivor Hall Of Fame of Superfans!”