Nicki Minaj Arrested on Drug Charges, Rapper Reveals on IG Live

Nicki Minaj faces legal trouble during European tour.

by Nouman Rasool
Nicki Minaj Arrested on Drug Charges, Rapper Reveals on IG Live
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Amsterdam—The Dutch capital that's now made global headlines for perhaps not the most conventional of reasons. One of the most famous rappers in the world, a 12-time Grammy nominee, Nicki Minaj got into an incredibly tough situation over the weekend.

The whole event has taken off on social media and was even live-streamed on Instagram by Minaj, hours before snippets began surfacing or being liked by people on the X social network. The footage revealed a brief yet tense exchange between Minaj and an Amsterdam police officer.

Minaj, bewildered, inquired about the reason for her detention, to which the officer responded, suggesting the rapper was carrying drugs. Minaj firmly denied the allegations, stating, "I'm not carrying drugs," and insisted on the presence of a lawyer during further proceedings.

Minaj's Amsterdam Detainment

This unexpected turn of events unfolded just before her scheduled performance in Manchester, England, as part of her ongoing Pink Friday 2 World Tour. Internationally acclaimed rapper Nicki Minaj—a 12-time Grammy nominee—has found herself in hot water over the weekend regarding reports that she was detained in Amsterdam.

The incident flared up right away on social media and was caught on camera by Minaj using Instagram Live, after which it was quickly spread by fans in the X app. The controversy escalated when Minaj disclosed on X that airport authorities had found weed in her luggage, despite marijuana's legality in Amsterdam.

She articulated a pattern of targeted disruptions by management teams, whom she accused of inflating travel costs and pocketing the difference—a situation that led her to fire several members of her management. To add to the mess, Minaj's already troubled day was peppered with subtle references to feuds going on between her and her peers, such as Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B.

This year began with Minaj releasing a diss track at Megan, further fanning the embers on social media. This notwithstanding, Minaj is a force to deal with in the music world, on top of having made her achievements not just through her music but also by being that voice with a tough spirit to speak out about misfortunes.

Insofar as this unfolds, the fans and critics in equal measure are eyeing Minaj, eagerly waiting to see how she pulls herself out of these legal and private struggles, remaining at the top of the charts and on top of the headlines.

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