Tony Goldwyn Predicts He’ll Be Emotional at Daughter Anna’s Summer Wedding

Goldwyn shares insights on family, career, and enduring love

by Zain ul Abedin
Tony Goldwyn Predicts He’ll Be Emotional at Daughter Anna’s Summer Wedding
© Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Tony Goldwyn is preparing for a heartfelt moment this summer as he anticipates his daughter Anna’s wedding. The 64-year-old Law & Order star confided to PEOPLE that he expects to be quite emotional when his eldest daughter, Anna, 34, walks down the aisle.

"I'm most nervous about getting through it without breaking down," admits Goldwyn. "I get very emotional when it comes to my children," shares the Ezra actor, who also has a younger daughter, Tess, 29, with his wife, Jane Musky.

Goldwyn humorously recalls his daughters' long-standing prediction that he would be a weepy father-of-the-bride. "Since they were young, they would say, 'Dad, you won't make it through your wedding speeches,'" he recounts.

Both of Goldwyn's daughters have pursued careers in the entertainment industry. Anna is a television writer, while Tess is an actress and writer. Goldwyn and Musky, a production designer, feel fortunate their children are passionate about their work.

"We're lucky they found something they love," Goldwyn says. "They understand the balance of success and struggle in this industry."

Memories and Milestones

Goldwyn fondly remembers bringing Anna to the set of Law & Order when she was 15.

"She was captivated by the process. Afterward, she told me, 'Dad, this is what I want to do with my life.' Though she chose writing over directing, her passion was evident." As he prepares for Anna's wedding, Goldwyn and Musky recently celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary on April 18.

Goldwyn attributes their enduring marriage to mutual respect. "I have a deep respect for Jane's professional talents and her character. I’m always in awe of who she is as a person." Offering advice on marriage, Goldwyn suggests loving a person for who they truly are.

"We often have idealized notions of what a partner should be. I've learned to appreciate and love Jane for who she is, which has deepened our relationship over time." Law & Order airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.