Chris Pratt Spent $75,000 Following First Major Hollywood Paycheck

Chris Pratt shares candid financial missteps from early fame.

by Nouman Rasool
Chris Pratt Spent $75,000 Following First Major Hollywood Paycheck
© Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

From living out of a van to Hollywood stardom, Chris Pratt's life epitomizes the classic dream for many aspiring actors. Pratt, of "Guardians of the Galaxy" and "Jurassic World" fame, recently let the public in on exactly what his financials looked like just after he first tasted the big time.

In an interview with Sway Calloway on Sirius XM's "Sway in the Morning," Pratt got honest about his first encounter with money. Back in the early 2000s, before his career took off, Pratt was much less flush. That first lucrative TV movie fattened his wallet by $75,000, a staggering sum to a poverty-line post-grad.

"I was under the impression that I would never run out of money," said Pratt. His first impulsive decision was to quit his day job, famously declaring he would never wait tables again.

Quick Cash Evaporation

But the reality of financial management set in just as quickly.

The reality is, Pratt would spend much of his early earnings on trips to places like Maui and Australia, and popped luxurious ideas of investing in a yacht: "It was just a crazy amount of money to me," he explained to the camera, incredulously noting how the money had evaporated.

Pratt's early career, marked by his role on the WB drama "Everwood" and later as the lovable Andy on NBC's "Parks and Rec," was just the beginning. As his roles became more prominent and lucrative, he learned valuable lessons about financial management.

Pratt highlighted the importance of financial literacy, something he lacked during his early years in the industry. "No one ever taught me financial literacy," he noted, stressing how he had to develop a plan to ensure financial security for his future and his family.

The actor also reflected on his real moment of feeling like he had 'made it' in the industry. It wasn't the roles or the paychecks that defined his success, but the ability to buy his mother a house with earnings from his TV show "Everwood" back in 2003.

This gesture marked a significant milestone in Pratt's life, symbolizing his transition from financial naivety to a mature understanding of his responsibilities.