Kelly Clarkson Settles $2.6M Commission Dispute with Ex Brandon Blackstock

Clarkson's financial disputes peak with recent legal developments.

by Nouman Rasool
Kelly Clarkson Settles $2.6M Commission Dispute with Ex Brandon Blackstock
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Kelly Clarkson and ex-husband Brandon Blackstock have finally settled their long-standing legal feud over unpaid commissions, effectively canceling a trial set to begin in August. The agreement resolves, finally and forever, a string of rancorous lawsuits between the pop superstar and her former manager—legal disputes that, like vultures, have circled above both parties since her split.

The dispute arose after Clarkson claimed Blackstock owed her more than $2.6 million, arising from a court order. The fight is rooted in multiple businesses dating back to 2007, and that had been mismanaged by Blackstock's company, Starstruck, according to her.

Legal papers show Clarkson accused Starstruck of acting as an unlicensed talent agency and obtaining work for her illegally against the Talent Agencies Act. All of the details concerning the exact settlement out of court were not mentioned, since both parties had agreed not to speak regarding their terms. A source close to the situation had told PEOPLE, "everything is settled," and there wouldn't be any need of a court trial supposed to take place quite soon.

Legal Battle Escalates

This legal saga first gained public attention when Clarkson took legal action against Blackstock in March, demanding a comprehensive audit of all transactions handled by Starstruck related to her career.

Blackstock and his company countered Clarkson's lawsuit shortly after, staunchly denying all allegations and seeking dismissal of her claims. The couple's relationship began in 2013, leading to a swift marriage within the same year.

Blackstock then took on the role of Clarkson's manager from 2017 until their separation in 2020. Their divorce was finalized in 2022, though the financial and professional entanglements continued to linger until this recent settlement.

This resolution not only closes a chapter for Clarkson and Blackstock but also spares their family, including their two children, from the potential strain of a public trial. As both parties move forward, this settlement allows them to focus on their respective careers and personal lives without the overhead of ongoing legal disputes. Representatives for both Clarkson and Blackstock have yet to make formal comments on the matter.

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