Donald Trump's Lawyers Issue Cease and Desist to 'The Apprentice' Producers

New film examines key figures in Trump's early career.

by Nouman Rasool
Donald Trump's Lawyers Issue Cease and Desist to 'The Apprentice' Producers
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Donald Trump's lawyers have taken steps to block U.S. distribution of "The Apprentice," a movie showing at Cannes that dramatizes his rise to power in the 1980s. The filmmakers were sent a cease and desist letter in an effort to stop sales, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

But still the production team remains unbowed with their objective of getting a showing stateside. "The film presents a balanced view of the ex-president. We recommend people see it and make up their own minds," a spokesman for the producers of the film said.

The controversy arises only after the film by Abbasi earned eight minutes of standing ovation upon its world premiere at Cannes. Previous threats to sue Trump's presidential campaigns have been ignored by Abbasi. Last Monday, during a press conference in Cannes, the director joked about Trump's well-known litigiousness and his low success rate in another less-publicized area of conflict.

Trump's Formative Relationships

"The Apprentice" delves into Trump’s influential relationships during his early business career, notably with Roy Cohn, a key figure in his rise. Sebastian Stan steps into the role of a young Trump, with Jeremy Strong portraying Cohn.

The cast also includes Martin Donovan as Fred Trump Sr. and Maria Bakalova, playing Ivana Trump. The narrative portrays Trump in a nuanced light but does not shy away from controversial and stark depictions. Scenes include disturbing portrayals of personal and professional misconduct, shedding light on a complex figure.

Further adding to the film's controversies, investor Dan Snyder, former owner of the Washington Commanders, has expressed discontent with the depiction of Trump. Snyder is considering issuing his own cease-and-desist letter to halt the film’s U.S.

distribution, intensifying the legal drama surrounding the movie's release. This film, by threading personal narratives with historical events, invites viewers to examine the multifaceted persona of Donald Trump before his political ascendancy, amidst rising tensions over its portrayal.

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