Stephen Colbert Mocks Trump's Latest Ego-Stoking Antics

Late-night host Stephen Colbert delivers sharp political satire

by Zain ul Abedin
Stephen Colbert Mocks Trump's Latest Ego-Stoking Antics
© Kevin Winter/Getty Images

In a humorous segment on Thursday's "Late Show," Stephen Colbert took a swipe at Donald Trump, highlighting an unusual support system involving his aide, dubbed the "human printer." This aide's primary role during Trump's ongoing hush money trial seems to be lifting the former president's spirits with a stream of positive news.

Colbert introduced viewers to Natalie Harp, Donald Trump’s aide, who carries a portable printer to deliver on-the-spot printed compliments to Trump. Donald Trump flaunts these papers in front of the media outside the courtroom, a tactic that Stephen Colbert couldn't help but mock.

Reflecting on this peculiar arrangement, Stephen Colbert expressed disbelief. “Well, I think it’s pathetic that it’s somebody’s entire job to provide the big man with ego-boosting compliments," he stated, clearly unimpressed by the lengths gone to preserve Donald Trump's public image during the trial.

Stephen Colbert's Ironic Commentary

Adding a layer of irony, Stephen Colbert then juxtaposed Donald Trump’s dependency on external validation with his own supposed self-assurance. “Thankfully, I am the kind of secure, confident boss who does not need that.

At least that’s what they are saying in all my print-outs,” he quipped, just before an aide humorously appeared on stage to hand him a “happy page”. Colbert’s critique not only underscores the often surreal nature of political image management but also pokes fun at the dependency on affirmation that some public figures exhibit.

His knack for blending political commentary with humor continues to resonate, offering a satirical take on the strategies employed by figures like Donald Trump to maintain a favorable public persona amidst legal battles.