Robbie Robertson's Children Sue Widow Over $6 Million Home

Legal drama unfolds over late musician's estate plans.

by Nouman Rasool
Robbie Robertson's Children Sue Widow Over $6 Million Home
© Kevin Winter/Getty Images

In a gripping legal battle over a $6 million Beverly Hills home, the children of the late Robbie Robertson, famed guitarist for the Band, have taken legal action against his widow, Janet Zuccarini. Filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, Alexandra, Delphine, and Sebastian Robertson allege that Zuccarini manipulated their father into altering his estate plans during his final days, heavily influenced by his deteriorating health.

Robbie Robertson, who passed away in August following a brief marriage to Zuccarini, a prominent Toronto restaurateur, is at the center of a controversy that questions the legitimacy of his last decisions. The property in question, a luxurious residence formerly owned by David Geffen, was acquired jointly by Robertson and Zuccarini in 2021.

Despite both holding a 50% stake, the lawsuit claims Robertson alone paid the $1.8 million down payment. The dispute intensifies with claims that, contrary to Robertson's original intentions for his children to inherit his share of the home, Zuccarini has asserted her right to inhabit the property until her death.

Moreover, she allegedly demands that Robertson’s heirs cover ongoing costs such as mortgage payments, taxes, and maintenance—expenses far beyond their modest inheritance.

Questioning Robertson's Capacity

Central to the lawsuit is the assertion that Robertson was not in a state to make informed decisions leading up to his death.

After undergoing cancer surgery in 2022, Robertson's health sharply declined. He was reportedly under the influence of potent opioids, THC, and antipsychotics, which the suit argues could impair cognitive functions significantly, potentially leading to confusion and memory loss.

The children's legal team is pushing to nullify the amendments made to their parents' "Tenant in Common" agreement, arguing these were signed under dubious circumstances, including a secret marriage orchestrated by Zuccarini.

They accuse her of elder abuse for leveraging Robertson’s compromised mental state to secure her financial future at their expense. In defense, Gabrielle A. Vidal, representing Zuccarini, vehemently denies these accusations, describing the lawsuit as "meritless fiction." She contends that the actions taken by Robertson's children are a "gross and exploitative attempt" to undermine his explicit wishes for his wife, casting a shadow over what was intended as a final act of love.