Chris Hemsworth Discusses 'Furiosa' Role

Hemsworth embraces a challenging villain role in "Furiosa."

by Nouman Rasool
Chris Hemsworth Discusses 'Furiosa' Role
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It's going to be a big moment for Hollywood Walk of Fame when it adds Chris Hemsworth, that star so iconic in Hollywood and attached to the roles of charismatic heroes now to embrace success with a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The journey to this moment has wound through memorable roles, personal revelations, and a deep connection to his Australian heritage, particularly through his latest project, "Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga." Hemsworth gestured during a 2019 ceremony with the cast of his film "Avengers: Endgame" where he said he thought the handprint event at the TCL Chinese Theater was his Walk of Fame induction, an error he humorously now reminisces on.

"I went along with it like I completely knew what was happening," Hemsworth chuckled sharing his initial confusion. If the real star induction on May 23 proceeds, it carries a lot more pride with just a touch of doubt, given what happened last time.

He had grown up in Australia seeing the Walk of Fame as equal to American entertainment, and even he had imagined it very often. "Like most people, I'd drive past and think, 'Maybe one day!' But it was an incredibly far off, somewhat wild dream," he admits.

Despite his global success and status as one of the world's highest-paid actors, Hemsworth sometimes battles imposter syndrome, questioning the reality of his achievements.

Hemsworth's Darker Role

Next up for Hemsworth is the role of Warlord Dementus in "Furiosa," with none other than the iconic George Miller at the helm, marking a departure from said hero roles.

The aggressiveness with which he played his character pushed really hard against his typical casting as a "go-for-broke" challenge. "As sick and twisted as the character is, I enjoyed it a lot," he says of the chance to explore darker parts of his acting range.

Working with Miller afforded Hemsworth a unique blend of mentorship and artistic freedom, which he appreciated in respect to the man's ever-modest and collaborative ways of working. Outside of his film work, Hemsworth has also been featured in the lead role for the popular documentary series by National Geographic, "Limitless With Chris Hemsworth." The series, which swirls around human lifespan and strength, found connection with audiences, revealing yet another side of the actor that's laid bare.

"When you've played a god with a cape that could fly for most of your career, it's nice to see something grounded," he remarks. A star on the Walk of Fame and roles that have so far touched the hearts of many across the world, Chris Hemsworth keeps his audience engaged as he keeps himself a real versatile actor.

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