Michael Richards Discusses Crucial Prostate Cancer Surgery: 'Eight Months Left'

Michael Richards reveals profound reflections in his new memoir

by Zain ul Abedin
Michael Richards Discusses Crucial Prostate Cancer Surgery: 'Eight Months Left'
© Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Michael Richards, widely recognized for his iconic role as Kramer on "Seinfeld," is revealing his battles both on and off screen in his forthcoming memoir, "Entrances and Exits," scheduled for release on June 4. At 74, Richards opens up about his 2018 prostate cancer diagnosis, a moment he initially thought marked the end of his journey.

After a routine checkup indicated elevated PSA levels, further tests confirmed he had stage 1 prostate cancer. Richards recalls his immediate resignation to fate, before a surge of paternal instinct refocused his will to survive.

"I've got a 9-year-old and I'd like to be around for him," he thought, leading him to opt for a lifesaving prostatectomy. According to Richards, delaying treatment might have left him with just eight months to live. This brush with mortality catalyzed his decision to pen a memoir, a project fueled by over 40 years of journaling.

Now nearing 75, Richards is driven by a desire to reconcile with his past and connect deeply with his experiences and emotions.

Confronting Past Mistakes

His memoir also delves into one of his most turbulent moments—his 2006 racial outburst during a stand-up performance at the Laugh Factory, which led to widespread backlash and a retreat from the public eye.

Richards discusses the incident with candor, expressing no illusions about a return to the limelight but focusing instead on his personal growth and the introspective journey that followed. "The damage was inside of me," he admits, explaining his subsequent withdrawal from entertainment to focus on self-improvement through religion, philosophy, and a tight-knit circle of friends, including Jerry Seinfeld who contributes the foreword to his book.

Richards' story is not just one of fame and fallibility but also about facing life's stark realities and finding redemption. His narrative offers insights into the complex interplay of public persona and private struggles, as he continues to learn, heal, and navigate the unpredictable waves of life.

"Entrances and Exits" is now available for preorder and promises to be an essential read for those who followed his career and those interested in the stories of personal transformation.