Stephen Colbert Blasts Trump's 'Unified Reich' Video with a 'Simple Explanation'

Colbert masterfully navigates satire and politics on 'The Late Show'

by Zain ul Abedin
Stephen Colbert Blasts Trump's 'Unified Reich' Video with a 'Simple Explanation'
© Kevin Winter/Getty Images

In a recent episode of "The Late Show," Stephen Colbert didn't hold back as he addressed a contentious video shared by former President Donald Trump on his Truth Social platform. The video, which has since been deleted, alarmingly featured the phrase “unified Reich”.

Colbert swiftly tackled the controversy with his signature blend of satire and earnestness. "Before you get too worked up, there’s a simple explanation," Colbert quipped, setting the tone for his critique. His next line cut deeper: "Donald Trump wants to rule over a unified Reich." This bold statement by Colbert was not just a throwaway joke but a pointed criticism of the alarming language used in the video, reminiscent of the darkest chapters of history.

The issue quickly caught the attention of President Joe Biden, who responded decisively. In a video message, Biden condemned the language, stating, "A unified Reich? That’s Hitler’s language, that’s not America’s." This strong rebuke from the President underscored the gravity of the situation and the importance of confronting such references head-on.

Colbert's Satirical Critique

Colbert, known for his ability to blend political commentary with entertainment, then shifted gears by impersonating Biden. Donning sunglasses, Colbert channeled the President, perhaps suggesting what Biden might have said off-camera.

This impersonation not only provided comic relief but also emphasized the serious undertones of the discussion. The segment on "The Late Show" reflects Colbert's ongoing role as a commentator who uses humor to dissect and criticize political figures and their actions.

By addressing Trump's controversial video, Colbert continues to engage with significant political issues, prompting his audience to consider the implications of such statements in a lighthearted yet impactful manner. This incident is a stark reminder of the power of words and the responsibility of public figures to choose them wisely.

As the nation grapples with the complexities of its political discourse, voices like Colbert's remain essential in parsing the serious from the hyperbolic, the truthful from the misleading.