Marvel's 2026 Vision Series: Paul Bettany Returns, Terry Matalas to Lead

Vision's journey continues with a fresh narrative twist in 2026.

by Nouman Rasool
Marvel's 2026 Vision Series: Paul Bettany Returns, Terry Matalas to Lead
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Marvel Entertainment is truly excited and certainly proud to announce that come Monday, July 12 they are going to make another gigantic announcement at their Disney+ panel, further setting in stone that hot series featuring Vision.

This show hits the airwaves in 2026 and stars Paul Bettany as the returnee to play this beloved synthezoid, with showrunner Terry Matalas himself being a huge deal and the acclaimed creator of "Star Trek: Picard.". Now, it's turning a big deal for Marvel's TV strategy in a way that transcends the fact that Vision was left with a horrific fate at Thanos' hand in 2018's "Avengers: Infinity War." What is currently happening in 2021's "WandaVision" is that his story has taken an interesting turn because he appears in two very different forms: the first kind of ethereal figure brought to life by Wanda Maximoff and later in the form of a fully constructed android who does not retain any memory of his past.

"In the upcoming series, Vision travels through various decades to discover who he is and what his purpose is after his memory is restored in the 'WandaVision' climactic final episode".

Matalas' Proven Expertise

And in what Marvel hopes will win back masses of crowds to repeat "Star Trek: Picard," especially its third season, for which he was nominated for the Writers Guild of America award, one has to admit that Terry Matalas was the right choice for a showrunner.

Confirming this is Kevin Feige, the head of Marvel, who has admittedly worked with "Star Trek" and is ever so excited about Matalas' pitch, further asserting this fact; the two had recently collaborated on a special "Star Trek" episode of podcasts.

This will be Marvel's first live-action series since the production of a new installment was announced two years ago. According to Brad Winderbaum, Marvel's head of streaming, television, and animation, the studio is transitioning to a more traditional TV model.

This involves extended development periods and more direct involvement from writer-producers in the day-to-day operations of series production. Marvel's strategy also includes a restructuring of its television division, now dubbed Marvel Television, which aims to streamline its output to about two shows per year.

This reduction from previous years allows for a more focused and quality-driven approach to each project. Terry Matalas, in turn, has great experience; he worked as a creator and showrunner on his own show, Syfy's series "12 Monkeys," and contributed to other major projects like the CBS reboot of "MacGyver" and "Star Trek: Enterprise." His diverse background, which also includes restoring iconic "Back to the Future" DeLoreans featured in various high-profile events, positions him as a creative force capable of leading Vision's new journey on Disney+.